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The History faculty seeks to impart knowledge of the societies and cultures of the past both to inform students and help them better understand present day events. The courses and programs of study are designed to develop an appreciation of the study of history as one of the major modes of humanity's search for knowledge of itself as well as a familiarity with the methods historians employ. The historian's investigative techniques sharpen students' capacity for logical and critical thought. Class discussion and writing assignments help them to attain clarity and facility in oral and literary expression. The History major prepares a student for a career in a number of diverse fields: as an archivist, business executive, diplomat, foreign service officer, professional historian, intelligence analyst, journalist, lawyer, management trainee, museum specialist, personnel worker, public relations officer, reference librarian, research assistant, teacher, travel guide, and writer. While some of these professional activities require further study in graduate school, others can be entered directly upon receipt of a bachelor's degree in history.

The History faculty strongly advises all History majors to take a broad range of courses in History and to attain competency in a foreign language at the 106 level, especially if graduate school is anticipated. History majors who plan to pursue graduate studies should be aware that the following are probable admission requirements they would encounter: at least 24 undergraduate credits in history, a reading knowledge of at least one foreign language, satisfactory Graduate Record Examination scores, and a bachelor's degree. Specific language requirements for the doctorate should be carefully checked prior to application to graduate schools. For further information on graduate studies in History, students are advised to consult the Faculty Advisor, Dr. Robert Parmet.


History BA


Major Discipline Requirements


United States History


Choose two of the following courses:

HIST201Beginnings of the American People 
HIST202The Emergency of Urban America 
HIST204Contemporary America 
HIST205History of Women in the United States 
HIST272African-American History 
HIST273The American Worker 
HIST274The American Ethnic Experience 
HIST311The Colonial Period of American History, 1492-1760 
HIST312The Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1815 
HIST313The Civil War 
HIST315American Diplomatic History, 1789-1914 
HIST316American Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century 
HIST326American Economic History Since the Civil War 

European History


Choose two of the following courses:

HIST206Women and the Family in World History 
HIST210Renaissance, Reformation and the Early Modern European State 
HIST331The Ancient Near East and Greece 
HIST332The Ancient World: Rome 
HIST333Nineteenth-Century Europe 
HIST334Twentieth-Century Europe 
HIST335Russia From the Middle Ages to 1855 
HIST336Russia From 1855 to the Present 
HIST337Modern England 
HIST338Modern France 
HIST339Modern Germany: 1648-1945 
HIST340The Holocaust: the Jewish Experience Under Nazism 
HIST344Contemporary Europe 

Non- Western History


Choose two of the following courses:

HIST257East Asia to the Nineteenth Century 
HIST258East Asia From 1800 to the Present 
HIST262History of the Middle East 
HIST275African History Until 1800 
HIST276African History From 1800 Until the Present 
HIST277The Caribbean Since Columbus 
HIST278History of Modern India 
HIST353Modern China 
HIST354Modern Japan 
HIST359Contemporary China and Japan 
HIST367Colonial Latin America 
HIST368Latin America Since 1825 
HIST374Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade 
HIST375Decolonization in West Africa 
HIST376West Africa Since Independence 

Choose an additional 18 History credits at the 200-level or above.


B.A. with Honors in History

Juniors and Seniors who meet the following requirements, a 3.6 average, a minimum of 24 credits in elective History courses, and either a 400-level History seminar or History 490, Senior Research in History, should apply for graduation with a B.A. with Honors in History.

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