Women's Studies (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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The Women's Studies minor is designed to familiarize students with the often neglected materials concerning the traditional status and role of women in culture and society and to stimulate a critical examination of the concept of gender in a variety of disciplines.

Requirements for the Women's Studies Minor


Required Courses

HUM302Women's Studies I 
HUM303Women's Studies II 

Choose 3 courses from the following list:

AAS203Famous Black Men and Women 
AAS242The Black Family 
ANTH205Anthropology of Sex 
ENG395Women Writers 
FA325Women Artists 
FREN226French and Francophone Women's Writing 
HE241Sex and Sexuality 
HE316Family Health 
HIST205History of Women in the United States 
HIST206Women and the Family in World History 
PHIL203Philosophy of Women 
PSY236The Psychology of Women 
SOC247Family and Kinship 
SPAN320Women Writers from Spain 
WLIT226Contemporary Women Writers in World Literature