Spanish For Professional Purposes (Certificate Program)

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This certificate program is designed for students who wish to further their language skills in Spanish in order to use Spanish in their professional activities. Students in this program may combine the certificate with their major, or they may enroll in the College for the express purpose of pursuing this certificate program. In the case that such a student then decides to pursue a B.A. in Spanish, these courses may then count toward the major. All students enrolled in the Certificate program must meet matriculation standards of the College, and must fulfill prerequisites for all required and elective courses. Students with transfer credit in Spanish may use no more than 6 transferred credits towards this program.


Certificate Program for Spanish for Professional Purposes


Required Courses

SPAN208Advanced Grammar 
SPAN209Composition and Style 
SPAN213Hispanic Cultures in the U.S. 

Choose 3 of the following:

SPAN240Translation I 
SPAN241Translation II 
SPAN242Commercial Spanish 
SPAN243Spanish for the Health Professions 
SPAN244Spanish for Social Workers 
SPAN245Spanish for the Tourism and Travel Industries 
SPAN309Comparative Structures of Spanish and English 
SPAN419Seminar on Writing 

Note: Courses numbered 200 and above are normally conducted entirely in Spanish, except when otherwise indicated.

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