Journalism (BA)

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Course Descriptions
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Students majoring in Journalism receive a comprehensive grounding in strong traditional writing and reporting skills, as well as in interactive media delivery methods, ethics and legal issues, and localized new coverage.

The Journalism Major offers concentrations in News Writing and Reporting, Broadcast Journalism, and Book and Magazine Publishing. The degree program combines a strong liberal arts and general journalism education with specific training in these areas of media, all centered right here in New York City. Students majoring in journalism are given at least one hands-on Fieldwork experience.

Journalism BA


Major Requirements


I. Required Foundation Courses

(Normally taken during Sophomore year)

JOUR280Introduction to Journalism 
JOUR281Introduction to Feature Writing 

II. Additional Required Courses


(Normally taken during Sophomore and Junior year)

ENG270Introduction to Grammar and Syntax 
POL103Politics and Government in the United States 
JOUR285Basics of Online Journalism 
JOUR383Beat Reporting and Community News Coverage 
JOUR385Essentials of Editing 
JOUR387Journalism Ethics and Legal Issues 

III. Electives

Choose a minimum of four courses (in consultation with an advisor) from the following, with at least one course at the 300-level: 
CT101Digital Storytelling 
CT240Studio Television Production 
ENG286Introduction to Creative Writing 
JOUR282Introduction to Writing Broadcast News 
JOUR321Editorial Writing, Commentary and Criticism 
JOUR322Advanced Feature Writing 
JOUR381Investigative Journalism & In-Depth Reporting 
JOUR382Non-Fiction Book Writing 
JOUR384Journalism Literature 
JOUR388Digital Photojournalism 
JOUR389Advanced Reporting and Writing for Broadcast News 
JOUR399Special Topics in Journalism 

IV. Capstone*


*Journalism Majors may take up to 6 credits of Fieldwork (3 credits for each semester of their senior year).

Choose one course from the following: 
JOUR481Journalism Fieldwork I 
JOUR483Journalism Fieldwork II 

*Senior Project: Seniors will present a cumulative portfolio for review upon completion of fieldwork. In addition, for students to qualify for Journalism Fieldwork they are required to have senior status and 27 credits towards the major.

**Advisors may steer students to specific combinations of electives in Broadcast Journalism or News Writing and Reporting or Publishing, depending on students' career goals. Advisors may deem certain elective courses as acceptable for more than one study area. Special Topics in Journalism courses will be designated for different study areas in consultation with advisors.