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Majoring in English provides students with well-honed reading, writing, and speaking skills, deep knowledge of the Humanities, and experiences in problem solving, all tremendously valuable in today's global job market. Through close reading and study, English majors explore a variety of classic and contemporary literature and learn to articulate ideas clearly and convincingly.

English majors study a wide variety of literature, read closely and write confidently, become acquainted with the history of multiple literary traditions, and have an opportunity to study such special areas within English studies as linguistics, rhetoric and composition, and creative and professional writing. All major courses must be planned and scheduled in consultation with your major advisor.

English BA


Major Discipline Requirements


I. Required Foundation Courses (9 credits)

ENG202Introduction to Literary Studies 
ENG262Introduction to Writing, Rhetoric, and Language 
WRIT304Research and Writing for English Majors 

II. Pre-Twentieth Century Literature (6 credits)

One course from the following in British Literature: 
ENG318Shakespeare: The Major Works* 
ENG328Medieval & Renaissance Literature* 
ENG333Restoration & 18th Century Literature* 
ENG343The Romantic Period in England* 
ENG344Victorian Literature* 
One course from the following in American Literature: 
ENG350American Voices and Visions I* 
ENG351American Romanticism* 
ENG352American Voices and Visions II* 
ENG353Nineteenth-Century American Literature* 

III. Methodology (3 credits)

ENG311Critical Studies in English 

IV. Emphasis (9 credits)

Choose A or B

A. Writing, Rhetoric, and Language (3 courses from the following, chosen with advisor, no more than one course at the 200 level) 
ENG265Advanced Composition 
ENG270Introduction to Grammar and Syntax 
ENG279Special Topics in Writing, Rhetoric and Language 
ENG286Introduction to Creative Writing 
ENG362Rhetorical Theory and Criticism 
ENG369Critical Literacy Studies 
ENG371History of the English Language 
ENG373Writing for Business 
ENG375English Sociolinguistics 
ENG379Special Topics in Writing, Rhetoric, and Language 
ENG384Writing for Electronic Media 
ENG386Poetry Workshop 
ENG387Short Story Workshop 
ENG388Playwriting Workshop 
ENG389Creative Nonfiction Workshop 
B. Literature (3 courses from the following, chosen with advisor, no more than one course at the 200 level) 
a. One of the following: 
ENG209Understanding Poetry 
ENG211Foundations of Western Literature 
ENG240Literary Traditions in the U.S. 
ENG318Shakespeare: The Major Works 
ENG356Studies in a Literary Genre or Movement 
ENG358Major Authors 
b. Two additional courses at the 300 level or higher, chosen with an advisor 

V. Electives (6 credits)

Any 2 ENG courses at the 200 level or higher 

VI. SEMINAR (3 credits)**

One course from: 
ENG410Seminar in English: Special Topics 
ENG430Seminar in Literature 
ENG470Seminar in Writing, Rhetoric, and Language 

VII. Global Writing (3 credits)***

All majors must take at least one course designated as covering non-American and non-British material. 
ENG272World Englishes 
ENG390Caribbean Literatures in English 
ENG391Topics in Global Literatures 
ENG396Global Women Writers 
WLIT396Global Women Writers 

VIlI. B.A. with Honors in English (6 additional credits)

ENG492Honors Research in English 
ENG493Honors Research in English 

*No course may fulfill more than one requirement for the major.

**Normally taken during Senior year. Seminar courses fulfill the upper-division Writing Intensive requirement.

***English 200 does not satisfy the Global Writing area of the major.