Digital Studies (Minor)

Arts and Sciences

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Course Descriptions
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Requirements for the Digital Studies Minor


I. Foundations in Digital Studies

ENG295Technologies of Reading 

II. Applying Digital Studies

Choose one of the following: 
BUS286Digital Technologies in Organizations1 
CT101Digital Storytelling1 
CT201Foundations in Communication Technology1 
ENG384Writing for Electronic Media 
EDUC230Teaching with Multimedia Technology1,2 
JOUR285Basics of Online Journalism 

III. Theory and Analysis in Digital Studies

Choose two of the following: 
BLST323Mass Media, The Internet, and Black Communities3 
BUS287Communities, Social Network, and Information1,4 
CT390Online Communities1,5 
ENG297Language, Technology, and Society 
ENG377Literature, Media, and the Digital Humanities6 
HUM235The Digital Revolution 
MUS278The Art and Sound of Video Games7 
FA278The Art and Sound of Video Games7 

Total credits required for Digital Studies Minor 11-12


1. These courses do not satisfy Liberal Arts requirements. Please ensure that in completing your degree program, you complete the required number of Liberal Arts courses.

2. This is a four hour, two credit course.

3. This course has a prerequisite: At least one course from: BLST 202, HIST 272, HIST 276.

4. This course has a prerequisite: BUS 286

5. This course has a prerequisite: CT 201

6. This course has a prerequisite: ENG 295

7. These courses are cross-listed with each other; students may only receive credit for one of these.