Pharmaceutical Science (BS)

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HEGIS Number: 1211

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The B.S. Pharmaceutical Science will give those who do this degree program the knowledge and skills to work in the flourishing New York and tri-state-based pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and related industries. Graduates of the proposed program can be employed in areas such as drug discovery, research and development, product formulation and manufacturing, process improvement, physical and chemical drug analysis and properties, clinical research, pharmacokinetics and metabolism, drug safety and surveillance, regulatory affairs, and licensing. In addition graduates of the proposed program will be able to pursue graduate studies leading to M.D., D.D.S., B.S. /M.S., M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. Students pursuing the B.S. Pharmaceutical Science must meet the General Education Requirements for a Chemistry Major plus complete three mandatory Pharmaceutical Science courses, a 3-credit Chemistry course, as well as an elective Pharmaceutical Science course.

Pharmaceutical Science BS


I. Pathways Common Core Requirements


A. Required Common Core

1. English Composition 
ENG125Composition I: Introduction to College Writing 
ENG126Composition II: Writing About Literature 
2. Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning 
MATH121Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 
3. Life and Physical Sciences 
PHYS113Physics I Laboratory 
PHYS117University Physics I 

B. Flexible Common Core

1. World Culture and Global Issues 
Select any 3 credit course from this area. 
2. U.S. Experience in its Diversity 
Select any 3 credit course from this area. 
3. Creative Expression 
Select any 3 credit course from this area. 
4. Individual and Society 
Select any 3 credit course from this area. 
5. Scientific World 
CHEM108Principles of Chemistry I 3.5 
CHEM109Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory 1.5 
6. An Additional Flexible Common Core Course (Scientific World) 
PHYS114University Physics II Laboratory 
PHYS118University Physics II 

C. College Option

1. Foreign Language as per department placement0-6 
2. Health Education 
HE111Personal Health Issues 
3. Any WI course at the 200-level or higher; or WRIT 301, WRIT 302 or WRIT 303:
WRIT301Research and Writing for the Major 
WRIT302Research and Writing for the Sciences Mathematics, and Technology 
WRIT303Research and Writing for Professional Programs 

II. Pharmaceutical Science Major Requirements


A. Required Courses

BIO201Biological Principles I 
BIO202Biological Principles II 
BIO301Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 
CHEM111Principles of Chemistry II 3.5 
CHEM112Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory 1.5 
CHEM231Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM232Techniques of Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM233Organic Chemistry II 
CHEM234Techniques of Organic Chemistry II 
CHEM321Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics 
CHEM323Physical Chemistry: Drug Processes 
CHEM341Instrumental Methods of Analysis I 
CHEM342Instrumental Methods of Analysis II 
CHEM462Experiments in Biological Chemistry 
CHEM460Biochemistry I 
MATH122Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 
PHS300Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
PHS350Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Applicable Regulations 

B. Elective Course¹²³

Choose three courses from among the following under advisement of the department: 
BIO234Anatomy and Physiology I 
BIO235Anatomy and Physiology II 
BIO465Microbiology 4.5 
CHEM310Inorganic Chemistry 
CHEM322Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry 
CHEM330Structure and Mechanism in Biochemistry 
CHEM421Physical-Inorganic Laboratory 
CHEM461Biochemistry II 
PHS360Regulation of Pharmaceuticals 
PHS480Independent Study 
PHS490Internships in Pharmaceutical Science 

Credit Totals: Pathways Common Core 49 + Major Required Courses 58 + Major Elective Courses 9-12.5

Note: This program has received a waiver to specify particular courses students must take in some areas of the Common Core. If students take different courses in these areas, they will be certified as having completed the Common Core areas, but it may not be possible for them to finish their degree program within the regular number of credits.

¹The following electives are recommended for students intending to pursue a Doctorate in Pharmacy: BIO 234, BIO 235, BIO 465, PHS 490.

²Students intending to focus on pharmaceutical research and development should choose some of the following electives: CHEM 310, CHEM 322, CHEM 330, CHEM 421, CHEM 461, PHS 480.

³The following electives are recommended for students intending to focus on pharmaceutical regulation: BIO 307, BIO 465, PHS 360, PHS 490.

B.S. with Honors in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Eligibility: A 300-level Pharmaceutical Science course, a 3.0 average in all major requirements courses and an Approval by the Faculty of the Chemistry Department.

Requirements for Graduation with Honors:

1. Successful completion of 6 credits of 480-level courses in the Pharmaceutical Science discipline consisting of independent research (not internship) under the supervision of a faculty member and successful presentation of a thesis to the faculty members of the Chemistry Department.

2. Certification by the Faculty of the Chemistry Department.