Political Science/Cross-Cultural Studies For Psychology (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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This sequence of courses is designed to acquaint students with the application of psychological theory to understanding different cultures and subcultures, and to the way social, cultural, and political organizations and institutions shape human behavior.


Requirements for the Political Science/Cross-Cultural Studies For Psychology Minor


Required Courses*

ANTH442Culture and Personality 
POL214Racial and Ethnic Politics 
PSY332Social Psychology 
PSY333Black Psychology 
PSY236Psychology of Women 

Note: If you are a Psychology Major, you must take Psychology 338 to fulfill the major and Psychology 332 to fulfill the minor. The same course cannot be used to fulfill two separate requirements.

*Students are required to complete POL 103 in partial fulfillment of Pathways General Education Requirements, as a prerequisite to the Political Science courses in this minor.

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