Aviation Policy (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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Requirements for the Aviation Policy Minor


Required Courses*

POL210Introduction to Political Economy 
POL228Public Administration in the Political Setting 


Group 1 Electives

Choose one from the following: 
BUS230Introduction to the Aviation Business 
BUS235Airport Planning and Management 
BUS330Aviation Operations 
BUS335Case Studies in Aviation Financial Management 
MKT353Aviation Marketing and Economics 
POL280Transportation: Planning, Finance & Policy 

Group 2 Electives

Choose one from the following: 
ECON310Public Finance (Cross listed as Political Science 311) 
POL320Risk Management for Public Policy 
POL329Public Administration: Management Process 

Group 3 Electives

Choose one from the following: 
BUS392Aviation Internship in the Private Sector 
POL392Aviation Internship in the Public Sector 
POL402Aviation Policy Seminar 

Total Credits Required for the Minor in Aviation Policy 15

*Students are required to complete POL 103 in partial fulfillment of Pathways General Education Requirements, as a prerequisite to the Political Science courses in this minor.