Course  Title 
SPAN101Elementary Spanish I
SPAN102Elementary Spanish II
SPAN103Essential Spanish for the Bilingual Student I
SPAN104Essential Spanish for the Bilingual Student II
SPAN105Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN106Intermediate Spanish Composition
SPAN107Intermediate Spanish for Special Purposes
SPAN110Intensive Elementary Spanish for Health Professions
SPAN117Intermediate Spanish for Health Professions
SPAN180Intermediate Spanish in the Disciplines I
SPAN181Intermediate Spanish in the Disciplines II
SPAN182Intermediate Spanish in the Disciplines III
SPAN200Introduction to Literary Theory and Analysis
SPAN201Hispanic-American Literature from its Origin through Modernismo
SPAN202Hispanic-American Literature after Modernismo
SPAN203Hispanic-American Short Story
SPAN208Advanced Grammar
SPAN209Composition and Style
SPAN210Spanish Linguistics
SPAN213Latino Cultures in the U.S.
SPAN221Spanish Literature to 1700
SPAN222Spanish Literature 1700-Present
SPAN230Spanish Literature for Children and Adolescents
SPAN240Translation I
SPAN241Translation II
SPAN242Commercial Spanish
SPAN243Spanish for the Health Professions
SPAN244Spanish for the Social Worker
SPAN245Spanish for the Tourism and Travel Industries
SPAN280Advanced Spanish in the Disciplines I
SPAN281Advanced Spanish in the Disciplines II
SPAN282Advanced Spanish in the Disciplines III
SPAN290Special Topics
SPAN300Women Writers from Latin America
SPAN301Romanticismo, Indianismo, Naturalismo, Positivismo and Modernismo in the Spanish Speaking Caribbean
SPAN302The Literature of the Spanish Speaking Caribbean after Modernismo
SPAN303Dominican Literature
SPAN304Puerto Rican Literature
SPAN305Contemporary Theater
SPAN306Indigenismo in Twentieth-Century Hispanic-American Fiction
SPAN307Latin American Film
SPAN308Approaches to Spanish Language Acquisition
SPAN309Comparative Structures of English and Spanish
SPAN310Spanish Sociolinguistics
SPAN312Cuban Literature
SPAN320Women Writers from Spain
SPAN321Medieval Spanish Literature
SPAN322Literature of the Golden Age
SPAN323Spanish Romanticism and Realism of the 19th Century
SPAN324Generation of 1898 to the Spanish Civil War
SPAN325Spanish Literature after the Spanish Civil War
SPAN413Hispanic Civilization
SPAN414Seminar: Special Topics
SPAN415Seminar on Poetry
SPAN416Seminar Narrative Prose
SPAN417Seminar on the Theatre
SPAN418Seminar on an Author
SPAN419Seminar on Writing