Social Welfare Policy

SCWK480 (Not Liberal Arts) Social Welfare Policy 3 hrs. 3 crs. Social policy analysis; emphasis on the various conceptions of social policy and the elements that influence social welfare decision making; the relationship between social policy and social work practice; development of analytic al techniques needed for problem evaluation and policy change. Preq: SCWK 410, SCWK 470. Coreq: SCWK 470. Not open to students with credit in SCWK 401. The Hybrid course will be conducted using the Blackboard course management system. Students must have an email account and access to the internet. Students must register for a CUNY portal account, if they do not already have one. There will be a minimum of twelve (12) in-class hours held on pre-selected dates scheduled throughout the semester. All other class interaction will take place on-line using Blackboard. The Blackboard features that will be used are: Announcements, Assignments, Course Calendar, Course Documents, Course Information, Discussion Board, Digital Drop Box, Email, External Links, Grade Book, and Tasks. All course documents and assignments are available in the appropriate sections of Blackboard (e.g. Course Documents and Assignments) as text or as attachments.