Full-Time Internship in National Governance

POL397 (Not Liberal Arts) Full-Time Internship in National Governance 1 hrs. 6 crs. Structured field work under CUNY auspices in Washington D.C. during the summer session allows mature students to experience first hand and participate in law making, administrative, or public interest advocacy processes. Carefully developed placement in legislative, public agency, or non-profit organization settings are made and supervised by an on-site CUNY director. To reinforce and integrate field experiences, interns attend special courses, issue study forums, and mock legislative or policy making sessions given by resident social scientists. Preq: 6 credits in Political Science or permission of the instructor; and admission by the appropriate Internship Selection Committee. 4 hours lecture, 33 hours field placement. All interns prepare a substantial research report under the direction of a designated York College Political Science Department mentor. Openings in each program are limited and filled on a competitive basis. Students chosen to participate reside in Washington D.C. for seven weeks and receive cost-of-living stipends. Certified for 3 Liberal Arts Credits.