Political Science

 Course  Title 
POL101Introduction to Politics
POL103Politics and Government in the United States
POL111Introductory Topics in Political Science
POL112Introductory Topics in Political Science
POL202Comparative Politics
POL210Introduction to Political Economy
POL211Intermediate Topics in Political Science
POL212Intermediate Topics in Political Science
POL214Racial and Ethnic Politics
POL221Research Methods in Political Science
POL226U.S. Supreme Court
POL228Public Administration in the Political Setting
POL230Correctional Administration
POL231The Electoral Process
POL233Introduction to Aviation Safety and Security
POL241International Politics
POL250Latin American Politics
POL251Puerto Rican Politics
POL252Cuban Politics
POL253Caribbean Politics
POL256African Politics
POL257Asian Politics
POL258Middle East Politics
POL259Modern Israel
POL267Classical Political Theory I: Plato to Machiavelli
POL268Political Theory II: Machiavelli to Marx
POL269American Political Thought
POL271The Politics of Education
POL273Politics of Aging
POL275Introduction to Law
POL280Transportation: Planning, Finance, and Policy
POL285Urban Government in the United States
POL305Selected Legal Topics
POL306Selected Legal Topics
POL309Aviation Law
POL310Methods of Legal Research
POL311Advanced Topics in Political Science
POL312Advanced Topics in Political Science
POL320Risk Management for Public Policy
POL322The Courts and Public Policy
POL327Congress and the Presidency
POL329Public Administration: Management Processes
POL330Public Policy Making
POL332Public Opinion and Political Behavior
POL340American Capitalism: Political and Social Aspects
POL346American Foreign Policy
POL352Russian Politics
POL364Protest Politics and the Novel
POL367Contemporary Political Theory
POL373Politics of the Environment
POL375Seminar-Internship in a Legal Office
POL385New York City Government and Politics
POL386Comparative Urban Government and Politics
POL387Political Processes in the American States
POL392Aviation Internship in the Private Sector
POL393Seminar-Internship in New York City Government and Community Development
POL394Seminar-Internship in New York City Government and Community Development
POL395Seminar-Internship in Preventative Law for the Elderly
POL396Full-Time Internship in State Governance
POL397Full-Time Internship in National Governance
POL402Aviation Policy Seminar
POL425Seminar in Civil Liberties
POL444Seminar in Comparative Foreign Policies
POL453Seminar in Global Change
POL480Seminar in Contemporary Urban Problems
POL490Directed Reading and Research
POL491Directed Reading and Research
POL492Directed Reading and Research
POL493Directed Reading and Research
POL494Directed Reading and Research