Collaboration in Occupational Therapy

OT423 (Not Liberal Arts) $ Collaboration in Occupational Therapy 4 hrs. 4 crs. Introduction to problems and methods involved in the helping process in Occupational Therapy. This course will facilitate development of professional behaviors: oral and written communication skills, self-awareness, attitudes and values. Student will also gain an appreciation and understanding of diversity factors and lifestyles choices in contemporary society. The course will also explore attitudes about self help and disability and will facilitate problem solving skills and group process methods. An experiential learning component of the class will provide opportunities for students to participate in activities in order to practice tools and techniques of collaboration. Community experiences will be related to course content. This will allow for students to evaluate their own learning and practice professional behaviors needed for future practice. Course content will focus on health promotion, prevention and wellness. Preq: Department permission required. 4 hours and 8 full days of Level I fieldwork (6-8 hours a day).