Nurse-Client Intersystems: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

NURS430 (Not Liberal Arts) $ Nurse-Client Intersystems: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 7.5 hrs. 4.5 crs. The course utilizes the Nursing Process and General Systems Theory in providing students with the theoretical knowledge and skills to promote the mental health of multicultural client systems throughout the life process. Commonly occurring and complex mental disorders affecting individual, family and group client systems are examined. Students will use therapeutic communication techniques as they interact with client systems with mental disorders. Ethical, moral and legal issues in psychiatric nursing practiced are addressed. Research is applied to practice through the use of the best evidence currently available for clinical decision making. Clinical experiences are provided in a variety of mental health settings - inpatient and community settings. Preq: Department permission required. Coreq: NURS 314; NURS 320; NURS 420; NURS 415. 3 hours lecture; 1.5 hours laboratory; 6 hours clinical. This course may be offered in a 7 week format. In a 7-week format, students' contact hours will be 15 hours per week (6 lecture; 3 laboratory; 6 clinical).