Course  Title 
MUS101Introduction to Music
MUS110Fundamentals of Music Theory
MUS131Gospel Choir I
MUS138Chorus I
MUS139Jazz Band I
MUS141Class Instruction in Piano I
MUS146Jazz Improvisation I
MUS186Studies in Musical Performance I
MUS187Performance Workshop I
MUS208Music Theory I
MUS209Ear Training I
MUS218Music Theory II
MUS219Ear Training II
MUS225Foundations of Music Production
MUS231Gospel Choir II
MUS238Chorus II
MUS239Jazz Band II
MUS241Class Instruction in Piano II
MUS246Jazz Improvisation II
MUS250African-American Music
MUS253History of Jazz
MUS254History of Rock
MUS255American Musical Theatre
MUS270Introduction to Ethnomusicology
MUS278The Art and Sound of Video Games
MUS279History of Hip-Hop
MUS286Studies in Musical Performance II
MUS287Performance Workshop II
MUS291Keyboard Accompaniment
MUS299Music Industry
MUS323Form & Analysis
MUS327Science of Recorded Sound
MUS328Advanced Music Production
MUS329Recording Techniques for Music
MUS331Gospel Choir III
MUS338Chorus III
MUS339Jazz Band III
MUS346Jazz Improvisation III
MUS350Middle Ages to Baroque Era
MUS351Classical and Romantic Eras
MUS386Studies in Musical Performance III
MUS387Performance Workshop III
MUS427Mixing and Mastering
MUS431Gospel Choir IV
MUS438Chorus IV
MUS439Jazz Band IV
MUS446Jazz Improvisation IV
MUS45020th-Century Music and Beyond
MUS453Globalization of Jazz
MUS455History of Film Music
MUS461Jazz Analysis
MUS471Special Studies in Music
MUS472Special Studies in Music
MUS473Special Studies in Music
MUS474Special Studies in Music
MUS486Studies in Musical Performance IV
MUS487Performance Workshop IV
MUS490Senior Recital