Course  Title 
HIST100History of the Modern World Since 1815
HIST101Pacific Century: The Emergence of Modern Pacific Asia
HIST105The City in the Modern World
HIST106Revolution and Social Thought
HIST108The Three Worlds: Europe, the Americas and the Third World in Modern Times
HIST113The Birth of Europe
HIST201Beginnings of the American People
HIST202The Emergence of Urban America
HIST203Slavery in World History
HIST204Contemporary America
HIST205History of Women in the United States
HIST206Women and the Family in World History
HIST210Renaissance, Reformation and the Early Modern European State
HIST220History of Science
HIST257East Asia to the Nineteenth Century
HIST258East Asia from 1800 to the Present
HIST262History of the Middle East
HIST263Jewish History: From Ancient Israel until the end of the Middle Ages
HIST264Jewish History: The Modern Period
HIST272African-American History
HIST273The American Worker
HIST274The American Ethnic Experience
HIST275African History until 1800
HIST276African History from 1800 until the Present
HIST277The Caribbean since Columbus
HIST278History of Modern India
HIST279History of Hip-Hop
HIST281American Military History from World War I to the War on Terror
HIST311The Colonial Period of American History, 1492-1760
HIST312The Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1815
HIST313The Civil War
HIST315American Diplomatic History, 1789-1914
HIST316American Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century
HIST326American Economic History since the Civil War
HIST331The Ancient Near East and Greece
HIST332The Ancient World: Rome
HIST333Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST334Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST335Russia from the Middle Ages to 1855
HIST336Russia from 1855 to the Present
HIST337Modern England
HIST338Modern France
HIST339Modern Germany: 1648-1945
HIST340The Holocaust: The Jewish Experience Under Nazism
HIST344Contemporary Europe
HIST353Modern China
HIST354Modern Japan
HIST359Contemporary China and Japan
HIST367Colonial Latin America
HIST368Latin America since 1825
HIST373The History of Technology
HIST374Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade
HIST375Decolonization in West Africa
HIST376West Africa since Independence
HIST400Seminar in History
HIST401Seminar in History
HIST402Seminar in History
HIST403Seminar in History
HIST420Internship in History
HIST490Senior Research in History