Earth History with Paleontology

GEOL217 (Liberal Arts) $ Earth History with Paleontology 7 hrs. 5 crs. Geologic time scale, the fossil record, and evolution as basis for reconstruction of earth history; cosmopolitan world view but with emphasis on the origin and evolution of North America; concepts of sea-floor spreading and plate tectonics. The Paleontology component will focus on the study, classification, distribution, and evolutionary trends of the common invertebrate fossil groups that inhabited the Earth over the course of history. Laboratory work includes interpretation of geologic sections, identifications of common invertebrate fossils, particularly index fossils, and correlation of stratigraphic units. One field trip is required. Preq: GEOL 110 or GEOL 140. Coreq: GEOL 110 or GEOL 140. 4 lecture, 3 laboratory.