Course  Title 
FREN101Elementary French I
FREN102Elementary French II
FREN104Rapid Review of Basic French
FREN105Intermediate French I
FREN106Intermediate French II
FREN110Intensive Elementary French for Health Professions
FREN200Commercial French I
FREN201Commercial French II
FREN206Introduction to Haitian Literature
FREN210Introduction to Literary Theory and Analysis
FREN213Intermediate Conversation
FREN217Advanced Grammar and Composition
FREN218French Stylistics
FREN221French Literature from the Middle Ages to the Revolution in Translation
FREN226French & Francophone Women's Writing
FREN231Survey of French Literature I
FREN232Survey of French Literature II
FREN233French for the Tourism and Travel Industries
FREN234French for the Health Professions
FREN235French Linguistics
FREN240Translation I
FREN241Translation II
FREN300The Haitian Novel from 1901 to 1915
FREN301The Haitian Novel after 1915
FREN302Haitian Poetry through 1915
FREN303Haitian Poetry after 1915
FREN304The Literature of Quebec
FREN305Francophone Literature of the Maghreb
FREN313History of the French Language
FREN319The French Novel through 1789
FREN320The Nineteenth Century French Novel
FREN321The Twentieth Century French Novel
FREN322Gide, Proust and Duras
FREN323The Novel in the Nineteenth Century
FREN324Nineteenth Century Poetry and Theater
FREN325The Age of Enlightenment
FREN327The Twentieth-Century Novel and Theater I
FREN328The Twentieth-Century Novel and Theater II
FREN330The Age of Classicism
FREN333Masterpieces of the Middle Ages and the Sixteenth Century
FREN334Literature of the French West Indies
FREN335Literature of French Speaking Africa
FREN338Love in French Literature
FREN340Advanced Conversation
FREN341French Theater through 1789
FREN342French Theater after 1789
FREN343French Poetry through 1789
FREN344French Poetry after 1789
FREN362Themes in French Literature
FREN363Themes in French Literature
FREN381French Society and Civilization
FREN382Haitian Culture & Civilization
FREN400Senior Seminar