Course  Title 
ENG125Composition I: Introduction to College Writing
ENG125 H-WEBComposition I: Introduction to College Writing
ENG126Composition II: Writing About Literature
ENG126 H-WEBComposition II: Writing About Literature
ENG200Understanding Literature
ENG202Introduction to Literary Studies
ENG208Understanding Drama
ENG209Understanding Poetry
ENG211Foundations of Western Literature
ENG220The English Tradition I
ENG230The English Tradition II
ENG240Literary Traditions in the U.S.
ENG262Introduction to Writing, Rhetoric and Language
ENG265Advanced Composition
ENG265 H-WEBAdvanced Composition
ENG270Introduction to English Grammar and Syntax
ENG272World Englishes
ENG272 H-WEBWorld Englishes
ENG275Peer Tutoring of College Writing
ENG279Special Topics in Writing, Rhetoric and Language
ENG286Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG290Fiction Into Film
ENG298Special Topics in Literature
ENG301The Old Testament
ENG302The New Testament and the Apocrypha
ENG311Critical Studies in English
ENG312Advanced Topics in Critical Theory
ENG318Shakespeare: The Major Works
ENG328Medieval and Renaissance Literature
ENG333Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENG343The Romantic Period in England
ENG344Victorian Literature
ENG345Twentieth-Century British Literature
ENG350American Voices and Visions I
ENG351American Romanticism
ENG352American Voices and Visions II
ENG353Nineteenth-Century American Literature
ENG355Twentieth-Century American Literature
ENG356Studies in a Literary Genre or Movement
ENG357 The Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
ENG358Major Authors
ENG362Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
ENG364The Tragic Vision
ENG365The Comic Vision
ENG369Critical Literacy Studies
ENG370Advanced English Grammar and Style
ENG371History of the English Language
ENG373Writing for Business
ENG375English Sociolinguistics
ENG379Special Topics in Writing, Rhetoric and Language
ENG384Writing for Electronic Media
ENG386Poetry Workshop
ENG387Short Story Workshop
ENG388Playwriting Workshop
ENG389Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENG390Caribbean Literatures in English
ENG391Topics in Global Literatures
ENG392African-American Literature
ENG393Food: Literary and Rhetorical Explorations
ENG394Writing of Diasporas
ENG395Women Writers
ENG396Global Women Writers
ENG399Special Topics in English
ENG410Seminar in English: Special Topics
ENG430Seminar in Literature
ENG470Seminar in Writing, Rhetoric and Language
ENG490Senior Research in English
ENG492Honors Research in English
ENG493Honors Research in English
ENG495Independent Study in Professional or Creative Writing
ENG496Independent Study in Professional or Creative Writing
ENG498Independent Study
ENG499Independent Study