School Health Curricula and Methods (PreK-12)

EDUC397 (Not Liberal Arts) $ School Health Curricula and Methods (PreK-12) 4 hrs. 4 crs. Methods of instruction to conduct comprehensive health education within a coordinated school health program. Concepts and skills in lesson and unit planning, classroom management, safety, program evaluation, impact on student learning and integration of children with special needs in elementary and secondary school settings will be addressed. Health education concepts and ideas linking choice and behavior to prevention will also be addressed. Sub-disciplines may include child growth and development, family life and sexuality, nutrition and physical activity, chronic illness prevention, decision-making, basic safety, cultural beliefs and practices. Implementing NY State and National Health Education Standards into the curricula. Application of learned concepts to peer teaching. Preq: Admission to the Teacher Education curriculum and methods courses. A total of 40 field placement hours (20 in the secondary level and 20 in the elementary level) is required.