Instructional Strategies in Middle and High Schools

EDUC352 (Not Liberal Arts) $ Instructional Strategies in Middle and High Schools 4 hrs. 3 crs. Building upon their deep and broad academic content knowledge, candidates will learn to plan and implement content-based units and lessons appropriate for students in urban middle and high schools. Candidates will study middle and high school curriculum as defined by national and state standards, learning ways to translate that appropriately for diverse urban classrooms. They will learn research-based best practices for instruction in urban middle and high schools, including the incorporation of instructional technologies. They will explore subject-specific and interdisciplinary approaches to instruction, as well as reading and writing in the content areas. In their planning, candidates will incorporate their understanding of adolescent development and urban diversity and plan for inclusion of students with special needs and English Language Learners.Preq: EDUC 271 or department permission.Coreq: EDUC 271 or department permission. 3 hours lecture, 1 hour fieldwork. The course will require 14 hours fieldwork in an urban middle or high school, including observation, instructional assistance, and teaching a lesson.