Aviation Seminar and Internship

BUS495 (Not Liberal Arts) Aviation Seminar and Internship 3 hrs. 3 crs. This course is designed to help the student assess and develop personal, interpersonal, intellectual, and social skills needed to succeed in an aviation-related work-study program. Aviation internships provide practical learning experiences by offering opportunities to integrate academic theory with 'real world' practice. The student will engage in industry research that explores the relationship between the two, as well as allowing the student to gain and develop professional skills required for career success. Practical applications will emphasize strategies for coping with challenges that are unique to students in an aviation-related degree program with at-work career exercises, aviation demonstrations, aviation field trips as well as government and industry speakers. This is a Writing Intensive course. Preq: 1. BUS 230 2. BUS 250 3. WRIT 301 or WRIT 302 or WRIT 303 or WRIT 304 or completion of at least 3 Writing Intensive credits at the 100- or 200-level. Departmental permission required. Not open to students with credit in POL 392 or BUS 392.