Course  Title 
BUS201Computer Applications in Business
BUS202Introduction to Management Information Systems
BUS230Introduction to the Aviation Business
BUS235Airport Planning and Management
BUS237Introduction to Emergency Planning and Management
BUS240Foundations of Supply Chain Management
BUS281Air Traffic Control
BUS283Business Law I
BUS284Business Law II
BUS285Business Law and Digital Forensics
BUS286Digital Technologies in Organizations
BUS287Communities, Social Network and Information
BUS290Records Management and Preservation
BUS301Management Theory and Practice
BUS302Introduction to International Business
BUS303Office Information Systems
BUS311Human Resource Management
BUS312Staff Supervision and Employee Relations
BUS315Health Care Management
BUS321Principles of Finance
BUS326Computer Applications in Mortgage Finance
BUS328Fair Housing and Fair Lending Laws
BUS330Aviation Operations
BUS335Case Studies in Aviation Financial Management
BUS337Managing Change and Innovation
BUS348Production/Operations Management
BUS349Entrepreneurship Basics
BUS353Human Computer Interaction
BUS357Family Business
BUS360Airport and Aviation Security
BUS361Management of Compensation
BUS362Commercial Aviation Safety
BUS365Materials and Inventory/Production Control
BUS366Transportation Management
BUS367Logistics Management
BUS368E-Business Technology
BUS369International Supply Chain Management
BUS370Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining
BUS371Supply Chain Modeling
BUS372Strategic Cost Management
BUS373Procurement Management
BUS374International Logistics and Transportation
BUS376Organizational Knowledge Management
BUS377Business Intelligence
BUS392Aviation Internship in the Private Sector
BUS402Management Information Systems
BUS410Ethics Issues in Aviation
BUS414Airport Planning and Management
BUS416Air Cargo Management
BUS420Corporate and Business Aviation
BUS425Airline Management
BUS426Lending Programs for Affordable Housing
BUS430Ethics, Governance & Accountability
BUS431Entrepreneurship Plans
BUS460Information Retrieval
BUS461Information Systems Project Management
BUS465Enterprise Resource Planning
BUS470Information System Security Management
BUS476Systems Analysis and Design
BUS481Strategic Management
BUS490Independent Study in Marketing
BUS491Independent Study in Management
BUS495Aviation Seminar and Internship