Welcome to York College

Dear Student,

Thank you for choosing York College for this phase of your educational journey! I look forward to seeing your success story unfold. You will find that York professors are among the best anywhere and will help you achieve your academic goals with insight and encouragement. Please take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow.

Be assured as well, that we are here to support your success and wellbeing. We ask only that you connect, put forth your best effort and make integrity the hallmark of your time at York College and beyond. We are counting on you to find an academic mentor and indeed, mentors amongst your peers and staff members as well. They will be part of your success strategy.

Despite the many challenges connected to the coronavirus pandemic, and the ongoing need to follow safety protocols as recommended by the CDC, we welcome you with joy. We want you to know how much we value having you as our student and how much we look forward to seeing you during our community town halls via Zoom and in-person whenever possible.

We are committed to ensuring that you have a meaningful learning experience even as we continue to follow COVID mandates. Please be willing to be flexible as circumstances demand of us. Please endeavor to keep up with your classes and assignments even as you practice self-care.

Again, I welcome and appreciate you as part of our York family. Together we will make this a successful journey for you. Stay safe, stay well and stay connected to your professors and mentors. And always remember, we are "One York."


Berenecea Johnson Eanes, President