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Strategic Planning Update 9/9/2014

During the academic year 2013-2014, York College continued to make progress on its action initiatives which flow from the colleges 2010-2020 Strategic Plan. On the advice of Hezel and Associates, who provided an executive review of the college’s progress on strategic planning, we implemented the dashboard as the home of items completed. Items on the dashboard were moved to the colleges Outcomes Assessment Committee for ongoing review, thus closing the loop. Hezel also made the following two recommendations of which have become an active part of the Strategic Plan:

  1. SETL should be reenergized and reorganized to provide the full range of services envisioned in the 2010 Strategic plan

  2. York should continue its capital projects in the renovation of classroom spaces with technology as budget permits, and in energy saving and sustainability

As of December 2013, the Strategic Planning Committee noted that of 104 action items on the Strategic Plan, 7 (6.7%) were deferred, 4 (3.8%) were no longer applicable, 50 (48%) were in progress and 43 (41.3%) were completed.



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