Strategic Planning Documents

SP Docs

2019-2020 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Dates
All meetings are held from 12-1:45 pm in the President’s Conference Room 2HO2

2018-2019 Strategic Planning Committee
Document lists the committee that helped with the Strategic Planning for 2019. As described by Marcia V. Keiz.

2017-2018 Closure for Strategic Planning Committee
This is a closure letter for strategic planning committee for academic year 2017-2018 from President Marcia V. Keiz.

2010-2020 Strategic Plan, Status as of January, 2018
2017 Update of the Strategic Plan for Institutional Action Planning.

Strategic Planning Initiatives August 2014
Strategic Planning 2010 updated August 2014. The document describes the Action planning steps and goals involved.

Strategic Planning Initiatives June 2010
Strategic Plan for 2010-2020, June 30, 2010