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Standard IV: Support of the Student Experience

MSCHE Standard IV

Academic Advisement Center

Academic Probation Workshops

Academic Programs

APR Department of Behavioral Sciences Spring 2013

Admissions Office

Admissions: Freshmen



Admissions: Transfer

Admissions: Veterans

Articulation Agreements



CLIP (CUNY Language Immersion Program)

Counseling Center

CUNY Admissions Reporting System Use & Access Rules

CUNY Admission to Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs by College (Fall 2015)

CUNY Undergraduate Advanced Standing Transfer by Type of Sending College (Fall 2015)

CUNY Undergraduate Admissions: Prepare

CUNY Undergraduate Admissions: Prepare as a Freshman

CUNY Admission Profile: Freshman Fall 2015

CUNY Admission Profile: Transfer Fall 2015

CUNY Application Video Tutorial for General Freshman

CUNY Application Video Tutorial for General Transfer

CUNY Applicants Admission Application Worksheet: Freshman

CUNY Applicants Admission Application Worksheet:Transfer

CUNY Breach of Private Information Procedure

CUNY Citizenship Now!

CUNY Degreeworks Use & Access Rules

CUNY FERPA Annual Notice to Students: Access to Student Records

CUNY Financial Aid

CUNY Financial Aid Award Guide 2016-2017

CUNY Financial Aid Student Eligibility

CUNY Financial Aid Federal and State Grants

CUNY Financial Aid Scholarships

CUNY Financial Aid Student Loans Repayment Information


CUNYFirst (PeopleSoft) Security

CUNY's International Student Guide

CUNY Information Security Procedures: Email Auto-Forwarding (December 1, 2015)

CUNY Information Security Policy and Procedures Attestation Response Form

CUNY Information Technology Security Proceedures (June 25, 2014)

CUNY Non-Public University Data Access Waiver Information Security

CUNY Pathways

CUNY Pathways: How Credits Transfer

CUNY Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources

CUNY Portal 


CUNY ePermit

Federal Student Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Financial Aid


Graduation Information

Graduation Requirements

Heartland Campus Solutions Ecsi

Major Plans by School and Department 2015-2016

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

New Students Welcome

NYC Department of Education

NYS Education Department

NYS Higher Education Services Corporation

NYS ITS Security Policies

Noel Levitz 2015 Survey Results (student satisfaction survey)

Pandora Box Student Newspaper

Pathways Four Year Plans

Pathways General Education Requirements

Pathways: How Credits Transfer

Pathways to Degree Completion    

Policy for Minors and Second Majors

Prospective Freshman Information Request Form

Registrar Frequently Asked Questions


Registrar's Office Timeline (Actions and Outcomes 2010-17)

Rules, Regulations and  Policies

Success3 Program (S3)

Scholarship Center 

SEEK Program

Student Development End of Year Reports 2015-2017

Student Development Center

SD 110 Supporting Data (Comparative Assessment Data Fall 12-Fall 16)

Student Handbook

Student Loans

Student Policies and Procedures

Student Support Services

Testing Center

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transcript Request Instructions (How to order)

Transcript Request Online

Transcript Request Order by Mail

Writing Center