MSCHE Annual Conference 2016

MSCHE Conference December 7-9 Philadelphia, PA (Presentation Materials)

Plenary Sessions

Wednesday, December 7

The Impact of Federal Regulations on U.S. Higher Education Culture, Diversity, and Leadership

Presented by Mary E. Kennard, Vice President and General Counsel, American University

Thursday, December 8

The CFO's Perspective: Issues and Trends That Will Affect Higher Education

Presented by Lynne Schaefer, Vice President for Finance and Administration, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Member of the Board of Directors, National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)

MSCHE Accreditation Process Changes

Presented by Dr. Robert K. Clark, Associate Professor, Cumberland County College; MSCHE Commissioner; and Chair, MSCHE Steering Committee on Process Review

Friday, December 9

New Administration But Old Higher Education Challenges

Presented by Patricia McGuire, President, Trinity Washington University

Concurrent Sessions

Thursday, December 8

Identifying and Assessing General Education Competencies Infused in a Curriculum

Presented by Michael A. Heel, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Monroe Community College

My First Day: A New President Tackles MSCHE Warning Status

Presented by Brian Hayden, Executive Director of Institutional Research and Engagement; Christopher Reber, President; and Katie Thomas, Faculty Fellow for Planning, Assessment, and Improvement, Community College of Beaver County

Reinventing the Student Experience: Providing Service to Meet the Changing Needs of Students

Presented by Scott A. Bass, Provost; Karen Froslid-Jones, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment; and Peter Starr, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, American University

Assessment and READ: A Symbiotic Relationship

Presented by Tammie Cumming, Director, Office of Assessment and Institutional Research; and L. Jay Deiner, Associate Professor of Chemistry, New York City College of Technology

Tracking Our Progress: Creating a Strategic Planning and Budgeting System

Presented by Kara O. Siegert, Special Assistant to the President for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, Salisbury University, and President, Maryland Association for Institutional Research; and Melanie L. Perreault, Provost, and Vice President for Academic Affairs, SUNY Buffalo State College

Follow-up Reports: What, Why, and How?

Presented by Debra G. Klinman, Vice President, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Breaking Barriers to Promote Student Success

Presented by Danielle Liautaud, Associate Provost for Academic Development; Warren Sandmann, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Kenneth Schneider, Director of Student Enrollment; and Glen L. Sherman, Associate Vice President, and Dean of Student Development, William Paterson University

Mission Review: Are We Doing What We Say We're Doing?

Presented by Jenell Bramlage, Executive Director of Institutional Research and Assessment; and Barbara Yetman, Vice President of Student Affairs, Bucks County Community College

From 14 to 7: Successfully Organizing a Meaningful Decennial Review

Presented by Joane Cote-Bonanno, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment, Montclair State University; Christine M. Licata, Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Rochester Institute of Technology; Kate Schiefen, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Genesee Community College; and Anne G. Wahl, Assistant Provost for Assessment and Accreditation, Rochester Institute of Technology

What is Shared Governance--Shifting the Paradigm for Faculty Involvement

Presented by Holly Bittner, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, and Director of Writing; and Claudine Thomas, Associate Dean for Education and Director of Institutional Research, Moore College of Art and Design

Development of Institutional Learning Outcomes

Presented by Gerald Kruse, Assistant Professor and John and Irene Dale Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Technology; and Carlee Ranalli, Director of Institutional Planning and Research, Juniata College

ASAP: Moving the Degree Completion Needle Through Comprehensive Student Services

Presented by Francisco (Javier) Legasa, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Bronx Community College; and Theresa Williams, Director for STEM Initiatives and Special Projects for the Accelerated Study of Associate Programs, City University of New York

Mission and Goals: Using Standard I to Drive Operational Decisions

Presented by Paul L. Starkey, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; and Tom F. Gregory, Associate Vice President for Instruction, Pennsylvania College of Technology

Join the Accreditation Revolution: Understanding and Implementing the New Accreditation Standards

Presented by Tina M. Koopmans, Vice President for Information Technology, University of the Virgin Islands; Maris A. Lown, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Union County College; and Margaret M. McMenamin, President, Union County College, and MSCHE Commissioner

Sustaining Assessment Using a Data-Informed and Shared Governance Approach

Presented by R. Lorraine Bernotsky, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Scott Heinerichs, Special Assistant to the Vice Provost and Professor of Sports Medicine; and Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr., Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, West Chester University

Aligning Accreditation and Planning

Presented by Jacob Ashby, Senior Researcher, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness; Gerald Boyd, Special Assistant to the President for Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison Officer; Elizabeth Burmaster, President; and Kenneth Kerr, English Department Chair, Frederick Community College

Assuring Rigor and Coherence in Online and Hybrid Programs Under Standard III

Presented by Deborah L. Booros, Dean of Lifelong Learning; and Eric J. Hagan, Director, Distance Education and Instructional Technology, DeSales University

Let's Talk: Campus Dialogue on Mission and Values

Presented by Kevin Smay, Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Research, Community College of Allegheny County

Building and Benefitting from the Documentation Roadmap

Presented by Joanne Cote-Bonanno, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment, Montclair State University; Christine A. Lemesianou, Associate Director of the School of Communications and Media and Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Montclair State University; and Steven Schwarz, Associate Provost, Queens College of the City University of New York

Assessing Shared Governance

Presented by Stephanie Gibson, Associate Professor and Vice President of the University Faculty Senate, University of Baltimore

Aligning Assessment, Planning, and Resource Allocation--Can It Be Done?

Presented by Nasrin Fatima, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Effectiveness; and Michael McGoff, Senior Vice Provost and Chief Financial Officer, SUNY - Binghamton University

Balancing Carrots and Sticks to Sustain and Improve Assessment

Presented by Susan Davenport, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff; Sonia V. Gonsalves, Director of Academic Assessment and Professor of Psychology; and Michelle Craig McDonald, Assistant Provost and Associate Professor of History, Stockton University

Friday, December 9

Meeting Faculty Where They Are: Assessing Our Assessment Processes

Presented by Victoria M. Ferrara, Director of Educational Assessment, Mercy College, and Secretary of the Assessment Network of New York Board of Directors; and Richard Brad Medoff, Associate Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Director of the General Education Program, Mercy College

Developing Lifelong Learners: Assessing Student Learning in a Tutoring Program

Presented by Ann E. Damiano, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; and Elizabeth A. Julian, Director of the Center for Writing and Tutoring Resources, Lebanon Valley College

What Student Support Services Mean for the Adult Online Learner

Presented by Amanda Mulfinger, Director of Academic Affairs; Dae Howard, student; and Tana McGhee-Wegner, student, Penn State World Campus

Rapid Implementation of a New Shared Governance Structure and Culture

Presented by Jon Connolly, President; and Cory Homer, Director of Institutional Research, Planning, Assessment, and Distance Learning, Sussex County Community College

From Unit to Institutional Decision: A Sustainable Resource Allocation Process

Presented by Wenjun Chi, Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Research, and Chair of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee; and Shawn M. Krahmer, Associate Dean for the Humanities, Saint Joseph's University

Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations

Presented by Ellie A. Fogarty, Vice President; and Erika G. Swain, Director for Training, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Embedding Assessment in Everyday Practices

Presented by Jennifer M. Harrison, Director for Assessment in the Faculty Development Center; and Vickie Williams, Director of Student Services in the Department of Education, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Enhancing AES Assessment: Introducing the SDW Support Outcomes Taxonomy

Presented by Marjorie Dorime-Williams, Director of Assessment; and Christopher Shults, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Pathways to Academic Excellence: Adapting the Self-Study Report to the Institution

Presented by Joan Besing, Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Montclair State University, Sharon A. La Voy, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment, University of Maryland; and Christine A. Lemesianou, Associate Director, School of Communication and Media and Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Montclair State University

Effective Assessment: What's Working for Us

Presented by Illana Lane, Chief Assessment, and Learning Officer; and Mary Beth Scumaci, Clinical Associate Professor and Technology Coordinator, Division of Education, Medaille College