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Academic Program Assessment Reports 2016-2017

Program Assessment reports and documents (Part I: Mission, Goals, Student Learning Outcomes, Part II: Measures, Data, Analysis & Action).
Accounting (BS)Accounting Part I
Anthropology (BA)Anthropology Part I
Art History (BA) Art History Part I 
Aviation Management (BS) Aviation Management Part I
Aviation Management Part II

Biology Part I
Biology Part II

Biotechnology (BS)Biotechnology Part I
Black StudiesBlack Studies Part I
Business AdministrationBusiness Administration Part I
Chemistry (BS)Chemistry Part I
Chemistry Part II
Clinical Laboratory Science (BS)

Clinical Laboratory Science Part I
Clinical Laboratory Science Part II

Communications Technology (BS)

Communications Technology Part I

Community Health Education (BS)Community Health Education Part I
Community Health Education Part II
Computer Science (BS)Computer Science Part I
Economics (BA)Economics Part I
English (BA)English Part I
English Part II
Environmental Health Science (BS)Environmental Health Science Part I
French (BA)
French Part I
Geology (BS)Geology Part I
Gerontological Studies and Services (BS)Gerontological Studies and Services Part I
Gerontological Studies and Services Part II
Health Education PreK-12 (BS)Health Education PreK-12 Part I
Health Education PreK-12 Part II
Health Promotion Management (BS)Health Promotion Management Part I
Health Science (BS)Health Science Part I
History (BA)History Part I
History Part II
Information Systems Management (BS)Information Systems Management Part I
Journalism (BA)Journalism Part I
Journalism Part II
Marketing (BS)Marketing Part I
Mathematics (BA)Mathematics Part I
Mathematics Part II
Movement Science (BS)Movement Science Part I
Movement Science Part II
Music (BA)Music Part I
Nursing (BS)Nursing Part I
Nursing Part II
Occupational Therapy (BS/MS)

Occupational Therapy Part I
Occupational Therapy Program Evaluation
Occupational Therapy: NBCOT Pre&Post 14-16
Occupational Therapy: Fieldwork Performance Evaluation
Occupational Therapy: Exit Survey

Pharmaceutical Science (BS)

Pharmaceutical Science and Business (MS)
Pharmaceutical Science (BS) Part I
Pharmaceutical Science and Business (BS) Part II
Pharmaceutical Science and Business (MS) Part I
Philosophy (BA)Philosophy Part I
Physical Education PreK-12 (BS)Physical Education PreK-12 Part I
Physician Assistant (MS)

Physician Assistant Part I
Physician Assistant Assessment Plan/Part II 

Physics (BS)

Physics Part I

Political Science (BA)Political Science Part I
Political Science Part II
Psychology (BA)

Psychology Part I
Psychology Part II

Public Health (BS)Public Health Part I
Public Health Part II
Social Work (BS)

Social Work Outcome and Assessment

Sociology (BA)Sociology Part I
Sociology Part II
Spanish (BA)Spanish Part I
Spanish Part II
Speech Communication and Theatre Arts (BA)Speech Communication/Theatre Arts Part I
Theatre Arts Part I
Studio Art (BA)Studio Arts Part I
Studio Arts Part II
Teacher EducationTeacher Education Conceptual Framework
Teacher Education Part I
Teacher Education Course Objectives and INSTASC Standards