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Prof 101 Series


Agenda V Prof 101 2015
Office of Academic Affairs

Agenda VII Prof 101 2016
Highlights the faculty that participated, the dates, time, place, and events.

Agenda IV Prof 101 Jan. 26th 2016
Agenda highlights attending members, times, and topics discussed

Agenda VI Prof 101 2015
Highlights on faculty that participated different topics discussed.

Agenda III Prof 101 2015
Faculty involved in the greetings, advisement, and Title IX Training.

Agenda II Prof 101 2014
Faculty, greetings, introductions, PSC-Cuny, Student developement, SEEK, Center for students with disabilities, and the counseling center

Agenda I Prof 101 2015
Agenda I Professor 101 for September 8th of 2015 highlighting the greetings, introductions, grades, Student records, rosters, and CUNY first.

Agenda IV Prof 101 2014
Breakfast, greetings, how group discussion went, advice from experts, future agendas.

Agenda II Prof 101 2015
Faculty that presented, greetings, and Student Development.

Agenda V Prof 101 2015
Highlights the faculty that attended, times, date, and place.

Agenda VII Prof 101 2015
Highlights of faculty that participated, date, time and the topics that were discussed.

Agenda III Prof 101 2014
Document highlights faculty in the greetings, introductions, advisement, and Title IX Training.

Agenda VI Prof 101 2016
Highlights of events that faculty participated in, dates, times, and place of meeting.