Self-Study Accreditation Timeline

York College Accreditation Timeline

March 2015 Assemble Steering Committee.

April – June 2015 Disseminate and review MSCHE Self-Study Documents

June – September 2015 Steering Committee recruits Working Group Members

October 2015 Self-Study Kick-off event with all members of Working Groups

November 2015 Self-Study Institute

December 2015 Delegation attended MSCHE Annual Conference

January – February 2016 Working Groups assemble Document Roadmap

January – March 2016 Prepare draft of Self-Study Design

March 2016 Submit draft of Self-Study Design to MSCHE Liaison

April 2016 MSCHE Liaison visit to provide feedback on Self-Study Design

May 2016 Self-Study Design revisions completed. Working Groups organize and review data

June – August 2016 Steering Committee populates a website with the Document Roadmap with pertinent links to documents. Communication shared drives access and public web sites completed

August – November 2016 Working Groups continue to collect and review data, conduct interviews, prepare and analyze data

October 2016 College Convocation – campus-wide communication of Self-Study progress

December 2016 Team Chair is selected

November 2016–January 2017 Working Groups prepare and submit first drafts of reports to Steering Committee

February 2017 Spring Symposium campus-wide communication of progress with Self-Study; Feedback on the first drafts returned to the Working Groups, work on revisions to report drafts

April 2017 Second drafts from Working Groups submitted

April – May 2017 Working Group Chairs write the first draft of the Self-Study

May 2017 Review of Self-Study draft by the stakeholders of York College

June – August 2017 Second draft of Self-Study generated and distributed

September 2017 College-wide Convocation

September -- October 2017 Verification of Compliance generated. Self-Study second draft sent to Team Chair

November 2017 Preliminary on campus visit by the Team Chair

December 2017 Verification of Compliance submitted to MSCHE

December 2017- January 2018 College Self-Study revised based on Team Chair feedback

February 2018 Spring Symposium, Final version of Self-Study produced and sent to Visiting Team

March – April 2018 Visiting Team on campus

June 2018 Commission meets to determine accreditation action