Institutional Effectiveness Framework

Institutional effectiveness definition, framework, and process

What is Institutional Effectiveness?

Institutional Effectiveness is defined as the degree to which York College students attain success in achieving Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and Student Success Outcomes (SSOs) through investments in organizational capacity and student learning. Institutional effectiveness responds to the needs of our stakeholders, accomplishing our mission and goals, and planning, assessing, and deploying our resources so that students can effectively achieve ILOs and SSOs.

The Institutional effectiveness process shows that all academic programs, including General Education, and AESS units engage in annual and five-year assessments. These assessments inform strategic planning and institutional effectiveness assessment to provide action plans back for the programs and units.

Figure 2: Institutional Effectiveness Process
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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) coordinates the work of the College-wide assessment committees (Academic Assessment Committee, General Education Assessment Committee and Administrative, Educational, and Student Support Assessment Committee) and articulates its work with the reconstituted Strategic Planning Committee as depicted in the Committee Accountability Chart below.

York College Institutional Effectiveness Plan

Download Institutional Effectiveness Plan Feb 7 2019.pdf — 1313 KB