Charter Review Committee

The Charter Review Committee (CRC) continues to make substantive progress on its draft of a revised charter. Chaired by Dr. Linda Barley, there have been open discussions of each of the articles (Senate, Duties of the Senate, Membership, Senate officers, Executive Board, Amendments, Senate Committees, and Department Elections). Shared governance, the Perez Law, and the formation of the College’s three schools are informing the recommendations to strengthen and streamline governance at the College, while providing for greater inclusion.

The Committee held bi-weekly meetings throughout the fall 2012 semester and has begun re-writing the governance document and hopes to have the first draft prepared for review by the Senate in April of 2013. At present, Dr. Theresa Rooney, who joined the Committee this year as the governance representative, is copy editing the draft document (for grammar and spelling only).

The CRC plans to distribute copies of the draft to the attendees at the Faculty Symposium (formerly Spring Convocation) on February 21, 2013, as well as, to post the draft document on the President’s webpage.

The CRC will present a report to the Faculty Caucus on March 12,2013 with subsequent reports to the Student Caucus and the College Personnel & Budget Committee (dates TBA). The CRC will hold an Open Forum meeting for the College community early in the spring semester. The goal is to have a resolution moved and seconded at the March 19, 2013 College Senate meeting, and afterward a vote called to endorse the new charter at the April 2013 College Senate meeting.