Do's & Dont's

There are questions that you are allowed and are NOT allowed to ask a candidate during an interview. These guidelines are as follows:
You MAY ask ...
You may NOT ask ...
Name Current Legal Name

*Whether the person worked under a different name

*Questions that divulge ancestry or marital status

*Name of mother, other relatives


Sex Nothing May not comment on a person's sex unless it is a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ). (NOTE: This is highly unlikely in our academic environment, so please check with the Affirmative Action Officer first.)

Are you between the ages of 18 and 70?

(NOTE: Proof of age for insurance purposes may be required after the person is hired.)


Place and legnth of current address

(How long have you lived in this area?)

*How long have you lived in the United


*How long have you lived at a specific address

*What foreign addresses have you had?

*What are all of the applicant's previous addresses

Birthplace Nothing Any inquiry into place of birth, or that of parents, spouse, grandparents, or other relatives
Citizenship If not a U.S. citizen, do you ahve the right to permanently remain in the U.S.?

*Whether the applicant, parents, or spouse are naturalized or native U.S. citizens

*Of what country is the applicant a citizen

Marital Status Nothing Whether the applicant is married, single, divroced, engaged, widowed, or living with someone
Sexual Preference Nothing Whether the applicant is homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or any question pertaining to sexual rendencies or preferences.
Lifestyle Nothing Anything inolving the applicant's natural and preferred way.
Family Nothing

*Any questions concerning family size, ages of children, family planning, children plans for childcare, spouse's employment, or spouse's income

*Child-bearing/rearing queries

*Have relatives or friends who work for the institution

*Who to notify in case of emergency

Religion Nothing

*About religious denomination, affiliation, Church or Synagogue, religious holidays observed

*Whether applicant regularly attends a house of worship

Handicaps Whether the individual has a mental or physical handicap that would relate to his or her ability to perform the job Questions about physical or mental limitations that are not job-related
Physical Data

Whether the applicant is physically able to perform job responsibilities (NOTE: If job offer is contingent on passing job-related physical exam, you may ask)

After applicant is hired, you may ask if there is any physical condition or handicap limiting ahbility to do the job and what accommodation might be made to enable the person to do the job.

*Applicant's height or weight

*Previous workers compensation claims

*Identify diseases suffered

Pregnancy Nothing

*Abou thte applicant's plans for having


*About medical issues concerning pregnancy and health-related matters

Military Status About job-related experience gained in the military

*About branch or service

*About type of discharge

Housing How the applicant can be reached if theere is no telephone at home Whether the applicant owns or rents an apartment or a house

*About educational institutes attended

*About training

*About religious or racial affiliations of schools attended

*About the applicant's mother tongue or foreighn lanugage ability

*About educational experience that is not necessary for the job to be performed

Organizations About professional organziations

*About all organizations (clubs, societies, lodges, etc.) to which the applicant belongs (organizations may indicate race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, veteran status, or handicap of applicant)

*Political affiliation

*Union membership

Financial Position Nothing

*Personal finances such as charge accounts, bank accounts

*About credit ratings, garnishments, personal bankruptcy, debts, to whome debts are owed

*Home or car ownership (OK: When car is required for job, you may ask if the applicant has the use of a car and has a valid driver's license)

*Ever dined a fidelity bond (OK to ask if this is a job requirement)

Arrest Records Nothing

About arrests or time spent in jail

(Arrests without convictions do not indicate guilt)

Convictions *About convictions, but only if job-related (e.g., inquiries about embezzlement convictions if position requires financial responsibilities) and only if asked of ALL applicants General questions about wehther the applicant has ever been convicted