Employment Searches


The following pdf forms and documents are to be used by faculty, administration, and staff to conduct a proper hiring search at York College.

Employment Searches

There are many ways to conduct a search when an organization seeks to hire; some of these ways are correct and some are incorrect.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your machine does not have it you may download it by clicking on the following link.

Remember that if you have any questions or concerns, you are always free to contact the Office of Diversity and Compliance at (718) 262-2141.

Please note that some of the documents herein are fillable PDF forms.

The Following Links Contain the Following Documents:

  1. Search Procedures
    1. Recruitment (Budget) Authorization Form ( Please contact Human Resources)
    2. PVN (Personnel Vacancy Notice) -  Sample
    3. Recruitment Plan
  2. Chairperson Checklist
    1. Applicant Pool Certification Form (Form 1)
      1. NOTE: Interviews cannot proceed until the applicant pool is certified by the Chief Diversity Officer.
    2. Personnel Data Form (Form 2)
      1. Chairperson must meet with Diversity and Compliance at least three times during this phase.
    3. Search Tools
      1. Guide for Interviewing Applicants
      2. Sample letters to applicants.
      3. Sample rating sheets.
      4. Sample interview questions.
  3. The Interview: Do's & Dont's