Sexual Harassment Committee

The responsibilities of this committee are to receive, review, and investigate complaints of sexual harassment (Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators); And: to educate all employees and students about sexual harassment.

2011-2012 Coordinators and Members:

  • Olga Dais, Esq., Coordinator
  • Brunilda Almodovar, Deputy Coordinator
  • Prof. Lindamichelle Baron, Deputy Coordinator
  • Prof. Farley Mawyer, Deputy Coordinator
  • Prof. Charles Coleman
  • Chief Tyrone Forte
  • Ms. Marcia Green
  • Prof. Michele Gregory
  • Ms. Gail Marshall
  • Ms. CadyAnn Parris-David
  • Ms. Geraldine Powell
  • Mr. Randy Punter
  • P.O. Rozetta Thorbourne