504/ADA Members

Responsibilities: To keep records of all complaints filed (Coordinator); To investigate circumstance of a complaint in conjunction with the Office of Diversity and Compliance; To consult with the designee of the Office of Student Development Counseling and Human Resources; to render and submit recommendations.

Coordinator and Members:

  • Alicia Franqui,  Esq., Coordinator
  • Paola Veras - Co-Coordinator
  • Prof. Donald Auriemma
  • Mr. Stephen Barrera
  • Ms. Ching See Chan
  • Chief Rufus Massiah
  • Mr. Joseph Goffredo
  • Mr. Noel Gamboa
  • Ms. Vanessa Georges-Corley
  • Ms. Gail Marshall
  • Prof. Farley Mawyer
  • Prof. Scott Sheidlower
  • Ms. Sharon Wilkerson
  • Ms. Gwendolyn Harewood