President's Letter to the College Community

I am pleased to ask you to join me in welcoming our new Provost/Senior VP of Academic Affairs...

Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Ph.D., is a political scientist and specialist on Caribbean and Inter-American security, drugs, crime, and terrorism issues who has published seven books, including Strategy and Security in the Caribbean (Praeger, 1991), Drugs and Security in the Caribbean (Penn State University Press, 1997), and Caribbean Security in the Age of Terror (Ian Randle Publishers, 2004).

Dr. Griffith’s academic leadership experience includes service as associate dean for budget and facilities of the College of Arts and Sciences and later as dean of the Honors College at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and as provost at Radford University in Southwest Virginia. He has been a visiting scholar at The George Marshall European Center for Security Studies and elsewhere, and he has served as a consultant to the Organization of American States, USAID, Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and other bodies. A recipient of research funding from the MacArthur Foundation and elsewhere, he also has written articles in many scholarly journals, including Journal of Inter-American Studies & World Affairs, Dickinson Journal of International Law, University of Miami Law Review, International Journal, Caribbean Perspectives, Latin American Research Review, Naval War College Review, Third World Quarterly, Low Intensity Conflict & Law Enforcement, Joint Force Quarterly, and Social & Economic Studies.

I also wish to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Dr. Linda Rose Barley who served York College for one and a half years; first as dean and then as vice president of academic affairs. The accomplishments of the OAA during her tenure have been significant and provide a wonderful platform for the college as we move to strengthen our academic programs and recruit well prepared students into them. Among the major accomplishments are: initiating and securing a Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education; the development of a broad faculty development seminar program for all faculty including new faculty and adjuncts; the establishment of an Outcomes Assessment agenda for the college; the restructuring of the sciences into three discrete departments; the delivery of more effective and enriched library services; and the completion of the long awaited Degree Works project — Cardinal Check. Also important has been her work to strengthen, reorganize and staff the Office of Academic Affairs so that it can be more responsive to both the internal and external demands placed on it.

I thank Dr. Barley for her commitment, drive and energy in leading the OAA during this period of transition and offer her good wishes as she returns to the Department of Health, Physical Education and Gerontological Studies and Services.

Please join me in welcoming Provost Griffith and in thanking Acting VP Barley.
Marcia V. Keizs