Approval of CUNY York College STARTUP NY Designation Plan

I am pleased to announce that the Commissioner of Empire State Development has approved the STARTUP NY Designation Plan for York College. The designation creates a tax-free zone around York College for new and expanding businesses that meet the STARTUP NY criteria.

Participation in STARTUP NY provides an opportunity for York's faculty and students to work with firms in several areas of faculty expertise (pharmaceutical research; medical device research; water resource management; supply chain, logistics and aviation; wireless technology; energy and energy related technologies; and food science research), while generating well paid jobs in the community.

The plan was submitted after receiving input from a wide range of constituents. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the many individuals who contributed to the plan. We are now prepared to accept business applications based on the criteria contained in our plan.

If you know of any potential partners, please feel free to have them contact Vice President Ronald Thomas at We will soon have a STARTUP NY website with a specially created video containing information that businesses may use to apply to partner with the college.

Again, thank you for your contributions in helping to make the York College STARTUP NY program a success.

Marcia V. Keizs