Marks, Ray

Marks, Ray

Curriculum Vitae

Clinical Professor
Health and Physical Education and Gerontological Studies

Phone: 718-262-5109
Office Location: HP-211


Degree Institution Field Dates
EDD  Teachers College  Health Education  2001 

My research focuses on the causes of chronic diseases, specifically osteoarthritis. I am also studying the causes of injuries such as falls and their relationship to chronic disability.  My goal is to help improve our understanding of prevention opportunities in these specific contexts.  I have also studied the role of Health Literacy in the context of provider patient communications and its relevance to chronic disease prevention, especially cancer.

Areas of Expertise

Chronic Disease Prevention
Health Literacy
Injury Prevention

Books in Field Of Expertise

Marks R. Health Literacy in Schools. : Emerald, 2012. .

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Marks R. "Depression and osteoarthritis." Agin Research. 2015: .

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Marks R. "Depression and osteoarthritis." NOVA. 2011: .

Non Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

Marks R. "Armswining and locomotion." Bioengineering. 2002: .

Monographs in Field Of Expertise

Marks R. "Osteoarthritis studies." VDM Pub. 2009: .

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Marks R " 2001-2016: Over 100 papers presented to peer review audiences.

Offices Held In Professional Societies

Ethics CoChair, SOPHE: 2007-9.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Editorial Board Member, Reviewer, Chief Editor: 2001-.