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Aceves, Robert


Curriculum Vitae

  1. Education

    Degree Institution Field Dates
    EDD  Oklahoma State University  School Administration  2006 
    MS  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  Aeronautics and Aerospace Operations  1996 
    BS  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  Professional Aeronautics  1995 
    AAS  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  Professional Aeronautics  1995 
    AAS  Air University  Aviation Maintenance Management  1997 
    AAS  Air University  Flight Engineering  1997 
  2. Full-Time Academic Experience

    Institution Rank Field Dates
    St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud Minnesota  Associate Professor  Aviation Management and Operations  1999-2010 
    Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa Oklahoma  Lecturer  Aviation Science  1997-1999 
    United State Air Force  Flight Instructor and Examiner  Aviation and Military Science  1982-1995 
  3. Part-Time Academic Experience

    Institution Rank Field Dates
    Mountbatten Institute, St. Mary's Univerisity, London England  Associate Adjunct  International MBA - Research Methods  2013-2015 
    the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Chicago, Illinois  Acrediation Peer Reviewer  Online Education and Aviation  2006-2010 
    International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies - FAA Academy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  Consulting Editor  Aviation Science  2007-2011 
    Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, St. Paul, Minnesotata  Peer Reviewer  Online Education  2006-2009 
  4. Non Academic Experience

    Place of Employment Title Date
  5. Employment Record At This Institution

    Rank Dates
    Associate Professor  2009 - Present 
    Director of the CUNY Aviation Institute  2009 - 2013 
  6. Publications In Field Of Expertise

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:

        Aceves, P.A. and Aceves, R.I.. "Student authentication and identity, online learning and the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act.." Continuing Higher Education Review. 73 2009: 143-152.

        Aceves, R. I., and Aceves, P.A.. "Preparing aviators for the 21st century: A 3-year case study of service learning in the aviation classroom." Collegiate Aviation Review. 26 2008: 9-20.

        Aceves, R. I.. "Course development issues in online education." Academic Exchange Quarterly,. 10 2006: 224-228.

      2. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings

          . "." . : .

        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings

          Aceves, R. I. "Flying attracts students to Minnesota colleges and universities: A close-up look at St. Cloud State University’s aviation campus." Midwest Flyer. 2001: 28-30.

    3. Chapters in Books:

      Aceves, P., Aceves, R. and Watson, P.. "Marginalized students and the unintended consequences of technology in higher education.." Higher education, emerging technologies, and community partnerships: Concepts, models and applications. 2011: 258-268.

    4. Government Reports or Monographs

      Aceves, R.I. and Lagonia, S.A.. "Academic Program Review-Aviation Science: Pilot Associate of Science and Aviation Management Associate of Science degree." . 2012: 1-25.

      Midgarden, B. G., Aceves, R. I., & Griggs, R. J.. "Metropolitan State University: A focused visit to expand online offerings to include all bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs through Minnesota online." . 2006: 1-45.

    5. Book Reviews:
  7. Other Publications

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:
      2. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings
        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings
    3. Chapters in Books:
    4. Government Reports or Monographs
    5. Book Reviews:
  8. Presented Papers, Lectures, And Exhibitions And Performances

    "Aceves, R.I. (Producer) and Marion, T (Director) (May 2011) CVR - Charlie Victor Romeo by Bob Berger, Patrick Daniels and Irving Gregory. Performing Arts Center York College, Jamaica New York" May 7-15, 2011: New York City and Washington DC aviation safety experts.

    "United, Continental, and Airline Mergers effect on Air Cargo. (Key Note Speaker)" 2010: JFK Chamber of Commerce October Luncheon.

    "Chicanos and Chicanas in Aviation: Overcoming Barriers." September 2010: The City University of New York / York College Provost Lecture Series.

    "Balancing the demands of an aviation career and family." 2009: The City University of New York Aviation Institute at York College Executive Speakers.

    "FAA Safety Aviation Accidents and the Media" 2015: Federal Aviation Adminstration Pilots.

    "CUNY Aviation Institute & ASCE MET Section Air Transport Group Aviation Issues Conference. York College, Jamaica, New York (Co-Chair)" 2011: American Society of Civil Engineers, Metropolitan Section..

    "Infrastructres:Key Airport Strategies. Featured Panelest 2010 New York State Transortation Summit“Navigating Opportunities”, McGraw Hill, Manhatten, NY." 2010: NYNY PA Aviation Leadership.

    "SAR Procedures and FAA Safety Down Day" 2016: New York City Search and Rescue flight crews.

  9. Patents


  10. Work In Progress

    1. Books in progress:
    2. Papers in Progress:

      Aceves,. "Saving lives through improved accuracy of flight pattern search & rescue air operations: Plotting cell phone forensics using the GPS omni-bearing system." USAF. : .

      Aceves, . and Aceves, P.A. "Chicanas and Chicanos in Aviation: Overcoming Barriers.." . : .

      Aceves, Robert. "Right Brain Left Brain Flight." . : .

    3. Papers submitted to journals for consideration:
    4. Research in progress:
  11. Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

    Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, 115th United States Congress- in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community . Awarded as the Director of Operations for search, rescue, and emergency services operations in New York State. Presented by Honorable Lee Zeldon.: 2017.

    The Gill Robb Wilson Award is Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP) highest award for recognizes individuals have dedicated themselves to leadership, in emergency services, the cadet program, and aerospace education: 2017.

    National Life Time Achievement Award USAF - Frank G. Brewer, Sr. Civil Air Patrol Memorial Aerospace Award - Established 31 Dec 1959, the Brewer awards serve as a memorial to Mr. Frank G. Brewer, Sr. and his lifelong interest in aviation, youth, and education. Recognition is given from the national level to a single individual that has made life long and outstanding contributions, out of selfless devotion, to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities (1977-2016): 2016.

    USAF National Emergency Services Academy - Distiguished Graduate: 2016.

    Civil Air Patrol Regional Frank Brewer Award – 9 State Region. Recognition is given to a single individual that has made life long contributions, out of selfless devotion, to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities: 2016.

    New York State - Frank Brewer Award - New York State - Recognition is given to a single individual that has made life long contributions, out of selfless devotion, to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities: 2015.

    Miltary Honors and Decorations: Kuwait Liberation Medal presented by Government of Kuwait; Kuwait Liberation Medal presented by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Air Medal, 2 Air Force Achievement Medals, Meritorious Service Medal; 3 Southwest Asia Service Medals; 2 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals, 4 Combat Readiness Medals, National Defense Service Medal; 2 Air Reserves Forces Meritorious Service Medal (2): 1978-1997.

    : .

  12. Grants-In-Aid

    St. Cloud State University Office of Sponsored Programs, St. Cloud State Univesity, St. Cloud MN, Chicanas and Chicanos in aviation: Overcoming barriers. 2009: $6,000.00.

    Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund, New Mexico, Hispanics in aviation: Overcoming barriers Research. 2009: $4,000.00.

    St. Cloud State University, Center for Continuing Studies, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, Online bachelors of applied science in aviation maintenance management program development. 2003: $ 4,000.00.

    Analytical Graphics, Inc, Philadelphia PA, Satellite Tool kit - software for providing four-dimensional modeling, simulation, and analysis of objects from land, sea, air, and space in order to evaluate system performance in real or simulated-time.. 2001: $52,000.00.

    St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud MN, Headley hall smart classroom equipment. 2001: $16,000.00.

    , . : .

  13. Institutional Service

    1. Service to the Department

      Search Committee Chair - 2 Aviation Faculty Hired: Fall 2016 - Spring 2017.

      Redesign of Aviation Management Degree: 2013 and 2016.

      Faculty Search Committee - Economic, Human Relations and Aviation Facutly: 2012, 2015,.

    2. Service to the School

      Search Committee Member - College of Buisness Dean: 2012-2015.

    3. Service to the College

      Student Government Association Elections Commitee - Nominated by students and appointed by the President: 2014-2018.

      Student Club Fauclty Advisor - Aviation Club, Women in Aviation and American Association of Airport Executives (Founding Faculty Member): 2009-Present.

    4. Service to the Graduate Center

      Masters of Science Aviation Management Fall 2019: 2017- Present.

    5. Service to the University

      PSC CUNY Executive Committee member - York College: 2013-2016.

  14. Offices Held In Professional Societies

    Director of Operations - Civil Air Patrol USAF - Long Island New York -: 2013-Present.

    Chief Pilot - New York City and Long Island - Civil Air Patrol USAF: 2013 - Present.

    Aerospace Education Officer USAF Civil Air Patrol: 2006-Present.

  15. Other Professional Activities And Public Service

    DEA Pilot - Drug Enforcement Agency: 1997 - Present.

    Disaster Relief Pilot - Federal Emergency Management Agency: 1997 - Present.

    TSA Pilot - Transportation and Security Administration and Customs Border Protection: 1997-Present.

    Search and Rescue Pilot - Conduct Search and Rescue: 1997-Present.

    Cradle of Aviation Museum - Educational Board Member: 2013-Present.

    Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team Representative: 2015-Present.

    Aerospace Education Officer: I introduced nine science faculty and administrators, to adapting nationally accredited aerospace materials and curriculum into a platform that can now be utilized for a student body with physical disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The Henry Viscardi School is a private, school that offers parents of children with severe physical disabilities and who often require life-sustaining medical treatment throughout the day, a traditional educational setting option that provides academics and opportunities for personal growth and leadership development. Most students at the use power wheelchairs and augmentative communication technology, and some require constant medical supervision. Although the students’ primary disability is physical, their range of complexity varies as secondary or tertiary disabilities are often factors. In 2016; I was honored to be the Henry Viscardi graduation speaker. For new adaptation of the aerospace curriculum and promoting aerospace education for disabled students, I was awarded the USAF CAP Aerospace Excellence Award.: 2014-2016.

    Minnisota State Universities delegate to Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin, China: 2007.

    Long Island Aerospace/Aviation Regional Industy Council: 2012-Present.

    Minnesota Department of Transportation Postsecondary Education Committee: 2001-2009.

    Minnesota Statewide Aviation Maintenance Technicians Advisory Committee: 2001-2009.

    Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (Certified Flight Instructor/Mentor): 1998-Present.

  16. Teaching Activities At This Institution

    1. Courses Taught (List)
      Course Description
      BUS 235  Airport Planning and Management 
      POL 392  Aviation Internship 
      POL 402  Aviation Policy Seminar 
      BUS 392  Aviation Internship 
      BUS 230  Introduction to Aviation Business 
      BUS 330  Aviation Operations 
      BUS 237  Emergency Planning and Managment 
      BUS 410  Ethics Issues in Aviation 
      BUS 301  Management Theory 
      BUS 360  Airport and Aviation Security 
      BUS 362  Commercial Aviation Safety 
      BUS 416  Air Cargo Management 
      BUS 281  Air Traffic Control 
      BUS 420  Corporate and Business Aviation 
      BUS 425  Airline Management 
      BUS 250  Aeronatics 
    2. New courses/programs developed (list):

      Aviation Management, Bachelors Science Aviation Management (Complete Curriculum redesigned and updated to meet National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) certification and educational standards. My part 30 Credits of the Major.

      Aviation Management (In progress), Masters in Science (New) 30 Credits.