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Donahue, Nadine

Donahue, Nadine

Curriculum Vitae
Associate Professor

Phone: 718-262-5271
Office Location: SC-110D

Office Hours  
Tuesday  10-12 noon 
Thursday  12-1 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  CUNY Graduate Center  Nursing  2017 
MS  Molloy College  Nursing Education  1998 
BS  Wagner College  Nursing  1984 
Dr. Donahue has been a Registered Professional Nurse since graduating from Wagner College 1984. She began her career working in surgical oncology at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Dr Donahue has 37 years experience as a registered nurse. She has worked in various hospitals and home care agencies prior to teaching full time at the associate level in 2005. Professor Donahue received her Master’s in Science from Molloy College in 1998 and is an NLN certified nurse educator (CNE) since 2010 when she joined York College as an Assistant Professor of Nursing. Dr. Donahue attended the CUNY Graduate Center full time and attained her PhD in Nursing in August 2017. Dr. Donahue’s clinical experience is medical-surgical, critical care and community health. Her area of research is Nursing education as she has taught full time for the past 16 years.

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Donahue, N. "Integration of Virtual Simulation into a web-based nursing dosage calculation course." Nursing Education Perspectives. March 29, 2021 2021: .

Donahue, N.. "Respecting End of Life decisions." American Journal of Nursing. 121 (6) 2021 (June): p.11.

Donahue, N.. "Clinical nurses' encounters with feeling disrespected: A phenomenological study." Nursing Forum. 2020: 231-240.

Conti, C., Bradwisch, S.,& Donahue, N.. "Like a fish out of water?." Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. May/June 2014: 30-39.

Donahue, N. & Glodstein, S.. "Mentoring the needs of Nontraditional students." Teaching and Learning in Nursing. 8 2013: 2-3.

Donahue, N.&Glodstein,S.. "Addressing the Needs of the Multidimensional learner." Journal of Minority Nurse. Fall 2011: 46-47.

Donahue, N. "Embracing diversity among students and patients." Teaching and Learning in Nursing. 4 2009: 119-121.

Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

Donahue,N.( 2017).. "The Lived Experience of Feeling Disrepected." City University of New York, Graduate Center. 2017, August: .

Non Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

Donahue, N. "The lived experience of feeling disrespected: A phenomenological study." Doctoral Dissertation. : .

Donahue, N. & Glodstein, S.. "Addressing the needs of the non-traditional learner." Journal of Minority Nurse. Fall 2014: 46-47.

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Accepted Poster: Implementing Virtual Simulation into a web-based dosage calculation course " August 2020: Nurse Tim, Nuts & Bolts.

" Selected to present: Integration of Virtual Simulation into a web-based dosage calculation course " Oct 2019: ANA conference Clayton, NY.

" Accepted Poster: The Lived experience of feeling disrespected " Nov 2019: Lehman College.

" Poster presentation " Nov 2018: Maimonides Medical Center Research Conference.

" Poster Presentation: Virtual Simulation to improve math scores " Dec 2017: CUNY IT Conference.

" Webinar: Implementation of Digital Clinical Simulation into Generic Nursing programs " March 2016: National Webinar, Shadow Health.

" Poster Presentation, Clinical Digital Simulation to improve student outcomes " February 2016: ANCC Faculty Development Conference,Tampa Florida.

" Podium Presentation, Digital Clinical Simulation " December 2015: John Jay Colege.

" Poster and Podium Presentation " June 2015: NYCNECT Education and Technology Conference, Baruch College.

" Podium Presentation Best Practices in College Teaching Conference " March 2015: St.Francis College,Brooklyn NY.

" Poster Presentation: Is the Faculty Shortage related to Horizontal Violence? " May 16, 2014: Graduate Center, CUNY.

" Poster Presentation: Mentoring Diverse Students " December 2013: Lehman College, Mentoring Conference.

" Addressing the Needs of the Multidimensional Learner " March 2011: Farmingdale State College.

" Panelist: Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Plants, Radiation, and Psychological Impacts: Catastrophic & Horrific Disasters in Japan " March 2011: York College.

" Addressing the Needs of the Multidimensional Learner " May 2011: SUNY Downstate.

" Clinical Simulation in Nursing Education "Technology as a Unifying Force" " April 2011: Hostos Community College.

" Lecture Invited , 2nd European Transcultural Nursing Association Conference " Addressing the Needs of the Multidimensional learner in the United States" " June 2011: University of Limerick, Ireland.

" Panel Discussion " October 28, 2011: Reading Across the Curriculum York College.

" Where's the Evidence " November 2008: Evidenced- Based Practice Conference.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Certified Nurse Educator, National League for Nursing: March 2011-present.

Outstanding Poster Presentation 6th annual NYCNECT conference: June 2015.


Submitted interdisciplinary Grant, Creating an Interdisciplinary Telehealth program for students to perform an initial health assessment. January 2021: $36,800 Not funded.

Submitted workforce development Grant, Increase technology among generic students. June 2011: $10,000 Not funded.

Submitted Grant to Dean of Health and Human Services, Monies to inprove pass rate of NCLEX. Jan 2012: $15,000 Not funded.

Offices Held In Professional Societies

National Association of Catholic Nurses: Jan 2017- present (Liaison for upcoming pilgrimage to Poland (on hold).

Sigma Theta Tau: 1998- present.

National League of Nursing: 2005-present.

New York Simulation Leaders Resource Group: 2012- present.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Nurses with Global Impact Celebration of International Nurses Day (Panel Reviewer): May 2022.

Accepted to present "Nuts & Bolts" Nurse Tim, Virtual conference, Innovative Approach to student learning using virtual simulation: August 2020.

National Association of Catholic Nurses/Liaison for Pilgrimage to Poland: 2021.

Virtual simulation to improve scores in a web based math course, poster presentation: Maimonides 4th Annual Research Day, November 2018.

NLN Innovations and Inclusion And Integration, Poster presentation, Digital technology in Nursing: Farmingdale University, November 2017.

National Webinar, Implementation of Digital Clinical Simulation into generic Nursing program, Shadow Healthb: March 2016.

Presentation Integrating Digital Clinical experiences and partnered activities in Health Assessment: ANCC Conference, Tampa Florida, February 2016.

Qualitative Research Conference,UNC Chapel Hill: June 2015 (31 ANCC contact Hours).

Graduate Center Research Day, Poster presentation: May 2014.

Transcultural Nursing Conference at Lehman College, Poster presentation: 12/2013.

Virtual presentation: Mentoring the needs of multidimensional learners , International Global Diversity Conference, Vancouver, Canada: 6/12.

Successful and Productive Academic Research Careers Conference, The Rockafeller university Center for Clinical Science: 6/12.

Annual Research Day, The Graduate Center, Poster presentation, "The multidimensional learner": 4/12.

Attended two day conference on NLNAC accreditation process, Atlanta, Georgia: 3/12.

Nursing Education Consortium in Technology, Poster presentation , Innovative technologies in Nursing Education: 1/12.

NYC Nursing Education Consortium in Technology, Scholar: 1/12-present.

Two day presentation on 3G Sim Man, Laerdal, hosted at York College: 1/12.

NYC Nursing Education Consortium in Technology, transformer: Jan 2011.

NCSBN, Learning Extension: Completed Test Development and Item Writing: 11/11.

Poster presentation Sigma Theta tau Technology, Digital Clinical Simulation and partnered learning: November 2017.