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Amenyo, John-Thones

Amenyo, John-Thones

Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Computer Science
Areas of Expertise:
  • UAV Multicopter Drones in Mosquito Vector Control for Malaria Disease Management and Eradication
  • Biosensor Arrays in Mosquito Vector Control, Environmental Monitoring, Entomological Surveillance
  • Complex Adaptive Systems, Systems of Systems Engineering, Integration, Intelligence
  • Public Health Informatics & Automation
  • End-User Parallel Programming of STEM Applications for HPC, Multicore Arch
  • Learning Automation & Learning Informatics Instructional Tech, Serious Ganes
  • Conscious Robots & Self-Aware Robots
  • Computational Models of CNS / Brain / Mind / Neuro-Glia Interactions
  • Autonomic Systems
  • Emergency, Disaster, Crisis Informatics

Biosensor Arrays for Mosquito Vector Control, Environmental Monitoring, Entomological Surveillance

UAV Multicopter Drones for Mosquito Vector Control in Malaria Disease Management

Human-Machine Collaboration in End-User Parallel Programming (EUPP) for High-Performance Computing heterogeneous inter-networked multi-core, many-core computer architectures.

Applications of massively parallel computing to Computational STEM

Neuronal CDMA, Neural Spread-Spectrum

Neuro-Architecture Model: implementing (natural, artificial) minds and (biologically inspired) cognitive architectures on (natural, artificial and biologically plausible) brains/CNS

Computation Architecture models of CNS / Brain / Mind / Neuro-Glia interactions

EDC/FT Hyper-informatics. Inter-operability automation and autonomics of cyber-infrastructures, emergency, disaster, crisis informatics

Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Columbia University  E.E.   
MPhil  Columbia University  E.E.   
MS  Columbia University  E.E. & Comp. Sci   
BS  MIT  E.E. & Comp. Sci