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Francois, Jean

Francois, Jean

Curriculum Vitae

World Languages, Literatures and Humanities

Phone: 718-262-2441
Office Location: AC-3C08D


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  CUNY Graduate Center  French  2004 
MA  Hunter College  French  1996 
BS  Institut Superieur Technique d'Haiti  Civil Engineering  1985 
• More and more, I am convinced that my scholarly activities cannot be limited to a specific field. My interdisciplinary background has led me to construct my own frame when it comes to research. Starting with the subjectal semiotics as a grid, I soon realized that I cannot bypass sociocriticism and philosophy. Moreover, my creative writings provide me with the type of sensitivity to develop an intimate relationship with the fiction material I work on. Consequently, studying a text is for me a real adventure. Maybe, this statement is not absolute for my translations call upon me with a different kind of engagement. Here, I have to be very cautious in my choices, due to the fact that the Haitian language is still in a process of standardization. Therefore, it requires clear decisions in relation to its structure, all the more because every new endeavor is a target for the false prophets.

Areas of Expertise

Semiotics, Translation, Creole and French/Francophone literature

Books in Field Of Expertise

Cavé, Syto; Avin; Pickford, Suzan; Prieto, Suzanna Lastreto. • Teyodora (Translation from French to Creole; original title: Théodora; author: Syto Cavé.). Paris: L'Autre Souffle, 2016. .

Noël, James; Depestre, René... Avin ("Mouillé"). Anhologie de Poésie haïtienne contemporaine (Collected texts). Paris: Points, 2015. 181-187.

Cavé, Syto. Avin for preface. On m'a volé mon corps. Port-au-Prince: L'imprimeur II, 2014. Preface.

Milcé, Jean Euphèle; Prophète, Emmelie; Avin ("Pour un corps de carnaval"); Jason, Muscadin Jean Yves; Tardieu, Charles; Batraville, Dominique; Marcelin, Frédéric.. Six Nouvelles du carnaval(collected texts). Port-au-Prince: Zémès, 2009. 37-47.

Prophète, Emelie... Avin ("Pour un corps de carnaval"). Mon Roumain à moi(collected texts). Port-au-Prince: Presses nationales d'Haïti, 2007. 9-15.

Bien-Aimé; Kesler, Alexis, Jacques-Stéphen... Avin ("Je vais te dire..."). Port-au-prince : photographies et textes. Port-au-Prince: presses nationales d'HaÏti, 2007. .

A20. Marasa. New York: Rivarticollection, 2004. 220.

A20. Lettres à Martine. New York: Rivarticollection, 2001. 75.

A20. La Suzannade. New York: Rivarticollection, 1999. 150.

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Avin. "• “André Charlier : l’amour au temps des tueurs”." Le Nouvelliste. 11-27-2016: .

Avin. "• “Vladimir Cybil Charlier : une chorégraphie caraïbéenne“ (Translation from English to French ; article written by Michelle Stephens; originally published in the Caribbean journal Arc, num. 7, may 2013, title : « Gestures beyond local color : a Caribbean calligraphy »)." Le Nouvelliste. 01-12-2014: .

François, Jean. "• « Discours inaugural du professeur Jean François pour sa chaire d'études haïtiennes de l'Etat de New York »." Le Nouvelliste. March 8, 2010.: .

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François, Jean. "• “Habiter la terre”,." Ethnologies. 28, 1 2006: 119-135.

François, Jean. "• « Mourir sucé »." La Nouvelle Revue Française. 576 June 2006: 176-179.

Batraville, Dominique. "• “Haïti ou l’utopie méta-insulaire de l’écrivain A20” (Interview)." Panoramag. March 2005: .

François, Jean. "• “Syto Cavé et la mémorie des chaussures vernies”." Le Nouvelliste. July 2003: .

François, Jean. "• “Béat, triste, léger”,." Chemins Critiques. 1992 : .

Reviews in Field Of Expertise

"" 2004: 220.

"" 2001: 70.


Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" • Ti Chica, fairytale, staged in Fort-de France; May 21, 2011, for the commemoration of the abolition of slavery. " : .

" • “The forgotten less commonly taught languages: the case of Haitian Creole” " April 30, 2011: , International Conference on LCTL, Columbia University.

" • “Haiti after the Election of a new president”, Panel Discussion with Dr. Ron Daniel, Journalist Herb Boyd, Natasha Lewis; April 15, 2011. " April 15, 2011.: York College.

" • “What about Haiti’s homeless”, event organized at York College, in collaboration with Professor Mark Schuller " November 16, 2010: York College.

" • Several workshops and seminars on Haitian Studies at Rockland Community College and Medgar Evers College " February to May, 2010.: Rockland Community, Medgar Evers College.

" • Lecture on Haïti Littéraire, in Conférence sur André Malraux et Haïti ; " Paris, November 13, 09; Brussels, November 14, 09: invited by the Haitian Ambassy in France and Coopération pour l’Education et la Culture in Belgium,.

" • Voisins Complices. Reading of excerpts from my books, together with writers Julien Blaine, Syto Cavé, James Noel, Lydie Salvaire and musicians Azor, Steve Nieve " Paris, March 29-30, 2010.: The New Morning.

" • Several workshops, through a scholar incentive award " from October 08 to June 09.: l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, State University of Haiti.

" • Moderator of the panel for the conference on heritage at Palais des 365 portes " July 18, 2009.: Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite, Haiti..

" • Workshop on Literature and Culture " June16-27, 08: Librairie La Pléiade, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti..

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

• New York State Chair of Haitian Studies, created by the State of New York at Medgar Evers College (CUNY) and Rockland Community College (SUNY).: Academic year 2009-2010.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Volunteer at HAITIAN INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTATION CENTER, a community association based in Brooklyn.: 1994-2009.

Member of the executive committee of Rivarticollection (publishing house).: 1999-2015.

Founder member of SOS PATRIMOINE in Port-au-prince, Haiti.: 2007-2010.