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Arsov, Ivica

Arsov, Ivica
Science Advisor Food and Drug Administration, Northeast Regional Laboratory
Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
  • Immunology
  • T cell development
  • Cell Biology

The main focus of my laboratory is to understand events leading to programmed cell death (apoptosis) in developing T-cells in the thymus. We are currently using several genetically modified mice to determine the role of Beclin 1, a gene implicated in autophagy and apoptosis, in intrathymic T-cell development. My long term goal is to develop a mouse model in which the Beclin 1 gene will be inactivated in lymphoid cells. This will provide an excellent system to study different aspects of T-cell biology in which Beclin 1 could play an important role.

Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  New York University     
MS  University of Belgrade     
MS  New York University     
BS  University of Belgrade