Hua, Shao-Ying


Curriculum Vitae

  1. Education

    PhD Saga Medical School, Japan Neurophysiology 1993 
    MS Second Military Medical University, China Neurophysiology 1986 
    BS Shanxi Medical School, China Medicine 1983 
  2. Full-Time Academic Experience

    York College Associate Professor Neurobiology 2015 - present 
    York College, City University of New York Assistant Professor Neurobiology 2008 – present 
    St. Mary’s College of Maryland Visiting Assistant Professor Neurobiology 2007 - 2008 
    Barnard College, Columbia University Assistant Professor Neurobiology 2001 - 2006 
  3. Part-Time Academic Experience

  4. Non Academic Experience

  5. Employment Record At This Institution

    Associate Professor 2015 - present 
    Assistant Professor 2008 - present 
  6. Publications In Field Of Expertise

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:

        Hua S-Y, Syed A, Aupérin TC & Tong L. "The cytoplasmic domain of rat synaptotagmin I enhances synaptic transmission." Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. 34: 659-667, 2014.

        Venkatesh TR, Wise A, Schatoff E, Flores J, Ueda A, Hua S-Y & Wu C-F. "Drosophila-Cdh1(Rap/Fzr), a regulatory subunit of APC/C is required for synaptic morphology, synaptic transmission and locomotion.." International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience. 31: 624-633, 2013.

        Yoon AC, Kathpalia V, D’Silva S, Cimenser, A & Hua S-Y. "Determining Ca2+ - sensor binding time and its variability in evoked neurotransmitter release." Journal of Physiology (London). 586: 1005-1015, 2008.

        Hua S-Y, Teylan M & Cimenser A. "An antibody to synaptotagmin I facilitates synaptic transmission." European Journal of Neuroscience. 25: 3217-3225, 2007.

        Troncone LR, Georgiou J, Hua S-Y, Elrick D, Lebrun I, Magnoli F & Charlton MP. "Promiscuous and reversible blocker of presynaptic calcium channels in frog and crayfish neuromuscular junctions from Phoneutria nigriventer spider venom." Journal of Neurophysiology. 90: 3529-3537, 2003.

        Hua S-Y, Liu C, Nohmi M & Kuba K. "Modes of propagation of Ca2+ -induced Ca2+ release in bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cells." Cell Calcium. 27: 195 204, 2000.

        Nohmi M, Hua S-Y, Liu C & Kuba K. "Ryanodine- and thapsigargin-insensitive Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release primed by lowering external Ca2+ in rabbit autonomic neurons." Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology. 440: 588 599, 2000.

        Hua S-Y & Charlton MP. "Partial VAMP complexes revealed by stimulus dependent action of tetanus toxin." Nature Neuroscience. 2: 1078-1083, 1999.

        Hua S-Y, Raciboska DA, Trimble WS & Charlton MP. "Different VAMP/synaptobrevin complex for spontaneous and evoked transmitter release at the crayfish neuromuscular junction." Journal of Neurophysiology. 80: 3233-3247, 1998.

        Yoshizaki K, Hoshino T, Sato M, Koyano H, Nohmi M, Hua S.-Y., and Kuba, K. "Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release and its activation in response to a single action potential in rabbit otic ganglion cells." Journal of Physiology (London). 486: 177-178, 1995.

        Hua S-Y, Tokimasa T, Takasawa S, Furuya Y, Nohmi M, Okamoto H. & Kuba K. "Cyclic ADP-ribose modulates Ca2+ release channels for activation by physiological Ca2+ entry in bullfrog sympathetic neurons." Neuron. 12: 1073-1079, 1994.

        Kuba k, Hua S-Y & Hayashi T. "A UV laser-scanning confocal microscope for the measurement of intracellular Ca2+." Cell Calcium. 16: 205-218, 1994.

        Hua SY, Nohmi M & Kuba K.. "Characteristics of Ca2+ release induced by Ca2+ influx in cultured bullfrog sympathetic neurons." Journal of Physiology (London). 464: 245-272, 1993.

        Nohmi M, Hua S-Y & Kuba K. "Intracellular calcium dynamics in response to action potentials in bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cells." Journal of Physiology (London). 458: 171-190, 1992.

        Nohmi M, Hua S-Y & Kuba K. "Basal Ca2+ and the oscillation of Ca2+ in caffeine-treated bullfrog sympathetic neurons." Journal of Physiology (London). 450: 513-528, 1992.

        Kuba K, Hua S-Y & Nohmi M. "Spatial and dynamic changes in intracellular Ca2+ measured by confocal laser-scanning microscopy in bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cells." Neuroscience Research. 10: 245-259, 1991.

        Nohmi M, Kuba K & Hua S-Y. "Ultraviolet light activates blocking actions of dantrolene on intracellular Ca2+ release in bullfrog sympathetic neurons." Journal of Biological Chemistry. 262: 22254-22259, 1991.

        Hua S-Y & Chen Y-Z. "Membrane receptor-mediated electrophysiological effects of glucocorticoid on mammalian neurons." Endocrinology. 124: 687-691, 1989.

      2. Chapters in Books:
      3. Proceedings:
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        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings
    3. Government Reports or Monographs
    4. Book Reviews:

      "Fluorescent and Luminescent Probes for Biological Activity: A Practical Guide to Technology for Quantitative Real-Time Analysis" : 16:533, 1992.

  7. Other Publications

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  8. Presented Papers, Lectures, And Exhibitions And Performances

    "The protein machinery for neurotransmitter release" February 18, 2015: St Johns University.

    "Ultrastructural defects in neuromuscular synapses of Drosophila mutants: an animal model of autism spectrum disorders" November 12 - 15, 2014: Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.

    "Computational study of the cerebellar function: A model of cerebellar circuit for motor error detection and correction" November 1, 2014: 47th Annual Fall MACUB Conference, Nov 1, '14. Molloy College, Rockville Centre, New York.

    "Drosophila-Cdh1 (Rap/Fzr) a regulatory subunit of APC/C plays an important role in synaptogenesis, synaptic transmission and locomotion" October. 3-7, 2011: Neurobiology of Drosophila at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York.

    "The cytoplasmic domain of rat synaptotagmin I facilitates synaptic transmission in vivo" April 13, 2011: Conference: Synapses: From Molecules to Circuits & Behavior.

    "SNAREs and synaptotagmin – proteins devoted to speed of neuronal communications" March 22, 2010: Department of Psychology, Queens College/CUNY.

    "How fast can neurons talk – the role of synaptotagmin in neurotransmitter release" March, 2007: Department of Biology, St. Mary’s College.

    "The calcium-dependent and calcium-independent components of synaptic delay at crayfish neuromuscular synapses" October, 2004: 34th Annual Meeting of Society for Neuroscience, San Diego.

    "The dependence of synaptic delay on calcium influx in crayfish neuromuscular junctions" November, 2003: 33rd Annual Meeting of Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans.

    "The molecular mechanisms of transmitter release latency" February 26, 2002: Department of Biology, Columbia University.

    "Partial SNARE complex in Neurotransmitter release revealed by activity-dependent action of clostridial neurotoxin" January 31, 2000: MRC Periodental Physiology Group, Toronto, Canada.

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  10. Work In Progress

    1. Books in progress:
    2. Papers in Progress:
    3. Papers submitted to journals for consideration:
    4. Research in progress:
  11. Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

    Auxiliary Enterprises RFP Award: Spring 2015.

    Auxiliary Enterprises RFP Award: Fall 2014.

    Director’s Award, 5th Annual Undergraduate Research Day: Spring 2014.

    Auxiliary Enterprises RFP Award: Spring 2014.

    Auxiliary Enterprises RFP Award: Fall 2013.

    Stewart Travel Award: April 14, 2011.

  12. Grants-In-Aid

    CUNY, PSC TRADA-46. July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016: $ 3,500.

    CUNY, PSC TRADA-44. July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014: $ 3,500.

    CUNY, PSC TRADA-43. July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013: $ 3,500.

    CUNY, GEP Grant Writing Assistance Program. Spring 2009: $ 0.

  13. Institutional Service

    1. Service to the Department

      Chair of CLT Hiring Committee: 2014.

      Involved in Department Program Review: Spring 2012.

      Pre-graduate committee: 2011 - present.

      Curriculum Committee of Biology Department: 2009 - 2014.

      Involved in Biology Handbook editing: 2009, 2011 - 2013.

    2. Service to the School

      Involved in organization of Natual Science Seminar Series: Summer 2013 - present.

    3. Service to the College

      Invoved in Physician Assistant admission: Spring 2013 - 2014.

      York College Curriculum Committee: Fall 2012 - 2014.

      Committee on Academic Standards, York College: 2009 - 2013.

      Committee of Elections, York College: 2008 - 2009, Fall 2011, Spring 2013.

    4. Service to the Graduate Center

      Dissertation Fellowship Reviewer for CUNY graduate school: Spring 2014.

      Dissertation Fellowship Review for CUNY graduate school: pring 2013.

    5. Service to the University
  14. Offices Held In Professional Societies

  15. Other Professional Activities And Public Service

    Faculty advisor for the York College Meditation-Yoga Club: Spring 2010 - 2011.

    Faculty advisor for the Chinese Student Association of York College: 2009 - 2012.

    Peer reviewer of NSF grant: 2006.

  16. Teaching Activities At This Institution

    1. Courses Taught (List)
      Bio 130 Biology of the brain and behavior 
      Bio 281 Human structure and function 
      Bio 201 Biological Principles I 
      Bio 201L Biological Principles I, laboratory 
      Bio 410 Neurobiology 
      Btec 489 Special Topics in Biology/Biotechnology-Neurobiology 
    2. New courses/programs developed (list):

      Neurobiology, Bio 410.

      Laboratory in Neurobiology, Bio 411.

Hua, Shao-Ying

Hua, Shao-Ying
Associate Professor