Green, Mavis


Curriculum Vitae

  1. Education

    certificate Flamingo Air Aircraft Dispatcher 2014 
    MPA Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government Public Administration 2006 
    PhD University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Educational Organization and Leadership 1998 
    MS Central Missouri State University Aviation Safety 1988 
    BS Richard Stockton State College Environmental Science  
    certificate Airline Transport Pilot  1986 
    certificate Gold-Seal Flight Instructor: Airplane Instrument, Single and Multi-Engine Land   
    certificate Advanced-Instrument Ground Instructor   
  2. Full-Time Academic Experience

    York College, CUNY Associate Professor Aviation Management August 2013 - present 
    Aviation University o Vice President, Department Chair Aeronautical Science May 2010 to October 2012 
    Utah Valley University Assistant Professor Aviation Science 2007 to 2011 
    Middle Tennessee State University o Visiting Associate Professor Aerospace 2003 to 2005 
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Associate Professor Aeronauical Science 1998 to 2003 
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Aviation Education Specialist Aviation Institute 1991 to 1998 
  3. Part-Time Academic Experience

  4. Non Academic Experience

  5. Employment Record At This Institution

    Associate Professor 2013 - present 
  6. Publications In Field Of Expertise

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:

        Bliss, T., Green, M.. "Collegiate Aviation and September 11, 2001: A Survey of Current Issues.." Collegiate Aviation Review. 2005: .

        . "Collegiate flight program trends." . Green, M.F.: .

      2. Chapters in Books:
      3. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings

          . "." . : .

        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings
    3. Government Reports or Monographs
    4. Book Reviews:
  7. Other Publications

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:
      2. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings
        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings
    3. Chapters in Books:
    4. Government Reports or Monographs
    5. Book Reviews:
  8. Presented Papers, Lectures, And Exhibitions And Performances

  9. Patents


  10. Work In Progress

    1. Books in progress:
    2. Papers in Progress:

      Green, M., Vincent, R.. "Addressing the shortage in aviation professionals." Collegiate Aviation Review. : .

      Green, M.. "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Policy, jmanagement, and operational issues." Collegiate Aviation Review. : .

      Green, M.F... "Aviation in developing countries: The role of the collegiate aviation community." International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies. 2013: .

    3. Papers submitted to journals for consideration:
    4. Research in progress:
  11. Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

    UAA Wheatley Award 2010 for “outstanding contributions to the field of aerospace education.”: 2010.

    UVU Ethics Across the Curriculum Faculty Advisory Committee, 2009. Research award: 2009.

    Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers – from student nominations: 2003 and 2004.

    UAA Laursen Award recipient, 2000, for “the achievement of teaching excellence in collegiate aviation.”: 2000.

    Nominee, ERAU Outstanding Researcher of the Year award: 2001 and 2002.

  12. Grants-In-Aid

    PSC-CUNY, Investigation of the addition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle curriculum to aviation management degree programs.. 2015: Not funded.

    PSC-Cuny, Addressing the shortage of aviation professionals. 2014: Not funded.

    Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE), Retention of Women in Collegiate Aviation Flight Program. 2000-2001: $25,000.

    Sloan Foundation Grant, Retention of Women in Collegiate Aviation Flight Program. 1999: $26,400.

    ERAU Research Grant, Cultural Considerations in Human Factors Aspects of Aircraft Cockpit Design and Operation. 1999: $6,890.

    ERAU Research Grant, Maximizing the retention of women in collegiate aviation flight programs. 1998: $11,195.

    ERAU Professional Development Grant, Flight Training. 1998: $5,250.

    National Endowment for the Humanities, Integraation of the Humanities into Technical Coureses, Grant Applicant. 2009: .

    Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education, Retention of Women in Collegiate Aviation Flight Programs Education. 1999-2003: $244,904.

  13. Institutional Service

    1. Service to the Department

      Faculty Adviser York Women in Aviation Club: 2013-present.

      Strategic Road Map Committee member: 2000-2003.

    2. Service to the School

      Search Committee member York College: 2014.

      Faculty advisor for two student clubs ERAU: 2000-2003.

    3. Service to the College

      Elected to the Library Committee: 2015-2016 academic year.

      College of Aviation ERAU, Committee on Textbook publication and selection: 2000.

      : .

    4. Service to the Graduate Center
    5. Service to the University

      Faculty Senator At-Large, ERAU, Elected: 2002-1-2003.

      ERAU Faculty Senate Research Committee member: 1999-2002.

      ERAU President’s Advisory Council on Research: 2000.

      ERAU Invited speaker - Women’s Leadership Symposium: 2002.

  14. Offices Held In Professional Societies

    President, University Aviation Association (UAA): 2001-2002.

    President-elect (UAA): 2000-2001.

    Treasurer (UAA): 1999-2000.

    Past-President: 2002-2003.

  15. Other Professional Activities And Public Service

    Federal Aviation Administration FAASTeam (Safety): 1999-present.

    Chair, UAA Awards committee: 2001.

    Chair, UAA Nominations, Finance, and Membership Committees: 2003.

    UAA Committee member; Publications (Editorial Board), Scholarship, Flight Education: 2000-present.

    UAA Best Practices Roundtable organizer: 2000.

    American Association of University Women: Activities, Membership: 2010.

  16. Teaching Activities At This Institution

    1. Courses Taught (List)
      BUS 235 Airport Planning and Management 
      BUS 250 Aeronautics 
      BUS 281 Air Traffic Control 
      Bus 301 Theory of Management 
      Bus 237 Emergency Response 
    2. New courses/programs developed (list):

      Aircraft Dispatcher, Development of new 4 course program with Dr. Hsu.

Green, Mavis

Green, Mavis
Associate Professor
Business and Economics