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Dubey, Girija

Curriculum Vitae

Adjunct Professor
Earth and Physical Sciences

Phone: 718-262-2654
Office Location: AC-2F09

Office Hours  
Wednesday  11-1 PM 
Friday  12-1 PM and 5- 6 PM 


Degree Institution Field Dates
BS  BHU India  Physics, Math and Statistics  1973 
MS  BHU India  Physics  1975 
PhD  Punjab University  Solid State Physics  1981 
My main research background covers the investigation of optical and thermal properties of pure and doped graphene, thermal conductive behavior of MWCNT based PMMA and PC composites, High temperature superconductors, semiconductor device modeling, semiconductor clusters, Phase transitions of Polar liquid and to investigate efficient algorithms for carrying out molecular dynamics simulations on massively parallel computers. My research ability is evidenced by more than fifty papers published in leading journals. I have participated in research projects funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.

Areas of Expertise

Solid State Physics
Computer Simulation
Computational Material Science

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Girija S. Dubey, Godfrey Gumbs and Vassilios Fessatidis. "Dynamical Properties of Magnetized Two Dimensional One- Component Plassma." Physics Letters A. 382 2018: 1374.

Prashant Jindal, Girija S. Dubey,Rajiv Bhandari,Neha Dhiman, Chatna Bajij and V. K. Jindal. "Thermal Conductivity Bahavior of MWCNT based PMMA and PC Composites." Adv Nano Energy. 2 2018: 216.

Srita Mann, Pooja Rani, Ranjan Kumar, Girija S. Dubey and V. K. Jind. "Thermodynamic properties of pure and doped (B, N) graphane." RSC Advances. 9 2016: 12158.

Pooja Rani, Girija S. Dubey and V. K. Jindal. "DFT study of optical properties of pure and doped graphene." Physica E. 62 2014: 28.

C.Y. Shew, G. Gumbs and G. S. Dubey,. "Effect of two-body and three-body correlations on the diffusion constant of Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems in a Uniform Magnetic Field." Solid. Slate comm. 121 2002: 187.

G. S. Dubey and G. Gumbs, .. "Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems in a Uniform Magnetic field." Physics Letters A. 252 1999: 67.

Z. X. Cai, D. O. Welch and G. S. Dubey. "Isothermal Elastic Constants of Flux-Line Lattice in Layered Superconductors." International J. of Mod. Phys. B. 12 1999: 2974.

Z. X. Cai, G. S. Dubey and D. O. Welch.. "Numerical Simulations of Flux-Line Lattices in Layered Superconductors." Physica C. 299 1998: 91.

G. S. Dubey and G. Gumbs. "Effect of Modulation and magnetic field on the properties of Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems." Phys. Rev. B. 57 1998: 39.

G. S. Dubey and G. Gumbs. "Molecular Dynamics study of the effect of Cooling and Heating on the Pattern Formation and Stability of Silicon Clusters." Solid State Comm. 725 102: 1997.

S. F. O’Shea, G. S. Dubey and J. C. Rasaiah,. "Phase Transitions of Quadrupolar Fluid." Chem. Phys. 107 1997: 237.

G. S. Dubey and G. Gumbs.. "Melting and Dynamics of Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems in the presence of a Magnetic field by Molecular Dynamics." Phys. Rev. B. 56 1997: 2957.

G. S. Dubey and S. F. O’Shea, .. "Phase Equilibria of Lennard-Jones-Dipolar Plus Quadrupolar Fluids by Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation." Phys. Rev. E. 49 1994: 2175.

G. Gumbs, G. S. Dubey, A. Salman, B. S. Mahmoud and D. Huang.. "Statistical and Transport Properties of Quasiperiodic Layered Structures: Thue-Morse and Fib." Phys. Rev. B. 52 1995: 210.

Srita Mann, Pooja Rani, Ranjan Kumar, Girija S. Dubey and V. K. Jind. "Thermodynamic properties of pure and doped (B, N) graphane." RSC Advances. 6 2016: 12158.

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Phase Transition and Chain Formation in Dipolar Fluids " 5-9 March, 2018: American Physical Society March meeting at Los Angles, California..

" Dynamical Properties of Magnetized 2-Dimensional one component Plas G. S. Dubey, G. Gumbs and V. Fessatidis, " 13- 17 March,2017: American Physical society March Meeting, New OrleansNew Orleans, Louisiana , Louisiana.

" Phonons in Stabilized B or N doped graphene Girija Dubey,Srita Mann, Pooja Rani and V. K. Jindal, " 14- 18 March,2016: American Physical Society March Meetin, Baltimore, MD.

" Thermal Conductivity behavior of MWCNT based PMMA and PC composites,Girija S Dubey, Prashant Jindal, Rajiv Bhandari, Neha Dhiman, Chetan Bajaj and V K Jinda,. " 14 - 18 March,2016: American Physical society Baltimore, MD.

" Ab-initio investigation of optical absorption spectra properties of doped Graphene,G.Dubey,Pooja Rani and V. K. Jindal " 2–6 March, 2015: American Physical Society March Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics, Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario, Canada: 3/1990 – 9/1990.

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, Freie University Berlin, Germany: 6/1988 – 2/1990.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada: 10/1990 – 12/1992.


PSC-CUNY, Travel Grant. Feb. 2018: $1630.00.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

I am a reviewer for various leading science journals, such as Physical Review and Journal of Physical Chemistry.: .