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  • Annansingh-Jamieson, Fenio

    Annansingh-Jamieson, Fenio

    Associate Professor

    Business and Economics
    • Organisations, Management and Information Systems
    • Risk management
    • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Leakage
    • Information Systems Project Management
    • Internet Security and E-Safety
    • Social Media
    • Assessment in Higher Education
    • Cyber Security
  • Apkarian, Jacob

    Apkarian, Jacob

    Assistant Professor

    Behavioral Sciences
    Higher Education
    Social Networks
    Quantitative Methods
  • Arsov, Ivica

    Arsov, Ivica


    T cell development
    Cell Biology
  • Ashton, William

    Ashton, William

    Associate Professor

    Behavioral Sciences
    Social Psychology
    Organizational Psychology
    Community Psychology
  • Auriemma, Donald

    Auriemma, Donald

    Associate Professor

    Occupational Therapy
    Physical Disabilities
  • Austin, Susan

    Austin, Susan

    Doctoral Lecturer

    Behavioral Sciences
    Research methodology
    Child development personality
    Abnormal psychology.
  • Bahri, Hamid

    Bahri, Hamid

    Associate Professor

    World Languages, Literatures and Humanities
    French and Francophone Literature
    Translation Theory in French Texts
    Film & Cultural Studies
    Women's Writings
    Arabic Culture and Literature
  • Bai, Xin

    Bai, Xin

    Associate Professor

    Teacher Education
    Educational Games
    Mobile Learning
    Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Cognitive Science